Letters: Criticism and praise for House of Delegates candidate Shank as election nears

Dems Jealous, Shank would reverse Maryland’s course

As Nov. 6 nears, much praise in print has been heaped on Democrat Emily Shank. Friends, Carroll countians and countrymen, lend me your ears, I come to bury Shank, not to praise her. The evil that politicians do lives long after them. We are still recovering from eight years of Martin O’Malley’s far-left policies that drove Marylanders to flee the state in record numbers. Ben Jealous and Shank would double-down on those failed policies of the past. Both want single-payer government healthcare, costing over $24 billion. Maryland would have to levy a 10 percent payroll tax against every business and charge a $2,800 fee for every man, woman and child to pay for it.

Jealous and Shank do not support the right to keep and bear arms as enshrined in the Second Amendment. Jealous supports broadening the government’s ability to seize guns, and requiring licenses for all firearms. Shank would require gun owners to lock away their firearms, making them useless for defense of their homes and families, and would prosecute those who do not.


Jealous supports the Red Line, estimated to cost $3 billion. Shank supports the extension of mass transit into Carroll. Jealous would empty prisons, legalize pot and cut public safety $660 million. Shank, an attorney, teaches classes for the ACLU. Jealous launched a “climate justice” program as head of the NAACP. Shank thinks we should follow the UN’s lead to combat “climate change.”

Jealous says he will fully fund the Kirwan Commission’s recommendations on education, but it has yet to put a price tag on its wish list. Shank says we need representatives in Annapolis who will fight for every dollar to provide our kids with a quality education. Like kiddies before Christmas, Democrats have started to bend the pages of the Sears catalog with their wish list — guess Santa will pay for all of the goodies.

Shank says Annapolis has become a political machine, and it needs to be broken. Her ambition should be made of sterner stuff. Democrats run Annapolis. Is she naïve enough to believe that if she were elected, she can defy Speaker Mike Busch? Under Larry Hogan’s leadership, Maryland is heading in the right direction. A vote for Jealous and Shank is a vote to reverse course.

Michael J. Stewart Jr.


Emily Shank is the leader we deserve

We are less than a week from the start of voting here in Maryland and none of the races have become as clear as the choice for state delegate in Carroll’s District 5. The only choice that makes sense is Emily Shank.

In the time that I have gotten to know Emily I have become so impressed by her command of the issues. Her investment in every one of the residents in this county.

Her humility and grace. Her ability to work with people who disagree with her. She is everything that we say we want in our representatives.

I also support Gov. Hogan’s re-election because I believe he brings a sense of moderation, reason, and a steady bipartisanship to our politics that is surely welcome in this hostile time. I certainly do not agree with him on every issue, and you may not agree with Emily on every issue but the brand of politics that they bring to the table is exactly what we need.

Ironically, the incumbent delegates who have dubbed themselves the “Hogan Team” embody none of these principles.

The delegation didn’t even bother to show up to the debate against Emily. Kudos to Sen. Justin Ready for showing up and answering to his constituents, not just the ones that agree with him. Good luck finding the delegates around town these days. I say this particularly about Del. April Rose, who has never been anything but nice in our interactions. However, she has never truly campaigned for the seat that she was appointed to, and has not shared her vision with the voters in Carroll County.

The delegation believes that their political tribalism and party registration advantage in the county guarantees them a victory on Nov. 6. And they may be right. Republicans outnumber Democrats overwhelmingly here.

But is that the sort of politics that we want? Running on a slate may be politically savvy, but regardless of which party does it, it is cowardly.

Run on your own merits, and on your own ideas. Don’t hide behind popular political figures, or your political party strength to assume a victory.


You will have two Republican delegates no matter what. I implore you to use your other vote to elect an independent, bipartisan voice who will actually listen to you. Reject cynicism. Reject the political machine, and reject lazy party politics. Vote for Emily Shank on Nov. 6.

Zach Hands


The writer is the campaign manager for Emily Shank, Democratic candidate for House of Delegates in District 5.