Letters: As election approaches, support for Warburton, Kiler

Warburton would be great addition to Board of County Commissioners

I wish I lived in District 3 so that I could vote for Maria Warburton for Commissioner. She is exactly who this county needs to lead us forward.

I have known Maria Warburton for about 14 years, ever since our kids were classmates at East Middle School. From the beginning, I saw how she cared not just about her own children but about the entire school community. I came to realize that this was not just limited to the schools her children attended but the community at-large.


Maria has lived in Carroll for 30 years and over that time has been active in the school system, scouting, the cold weather shelter, Habitat for Humanity, as a volunteer tax preparer, and as a coach for her sons’ basketball and soccer teams. As an elite collegiate athlete, who played lacrosse and field hockey at UMBC, she understood the importance of giving back in an area where she learned so much, including the value of hard work, teamwork, and bringing out the best attributes of each teammate.

Maria has the experience and insight it takes to be a great county commissioner. Her 33-year career with the Maryland Department of Environment took her to nearly every county in the state as well as many towns, large and small. She has worked with local governments, contractors, developers, environmental groups and residents on issues from waterway construction to dam safety to wastewater treatment facilities. Her primary expertise is in storm water management where she aided towns in implementing a federally required program in the most efficient manner possible.

I trust that Maria will work tirelessly for all of us, will collaborate effectively with the other commissioners, and ask the right questions to come to the best decision for our community and the county. She will be a great addition to the Board so please cast your vote for Maria Warburton County Commissioner, District 3.

Kathy Lowe


BOE candidate Kiler has unselfish dedication

I first met Kenny Kiler in the late 70s through the Manchester Wrestling program, founded by him in 1973. At 8 and 9 years old, my older brother and I signed up for the program. Over the next 6 years Kenny taught us wrestling, hard work, sportsmanship and life lessons along the way. In the postseason he would drive us hours into Pennsylvania to compete against the best wrestlers. He found summer jobs to keep my brother and I out of mischief (which was a feat in and of itself). Kenny was dedicated to helping us succeed in both wrestling and in life. At the time, Kenny had no children participating in the program but volunteered his time solely out of passion for not only the sport, but for the community. Kenny continued to be there for me, as well as for all his wrestlers, throughout high school and beyond.

I hope my personal experiences and interactions with Kenny Kiler will help to paint a picture of his good character and unselfish dedication to his passions.

A lifelong resident of Carroll County, Kenny has raised three children here. All attended Carroll County Public Schools and have graduate degrees. He realizes the importance of an education and what students and the school system need to improve on.

Kenny is a graduate of Washington College and received a teaching certificate from Western Maryland College. He also served in the Maryland National Guard and graduated officer candidate school with honors.

Professionally, Kiler was the VP at C.J Miller Inc 1978-2004 and is currently the executive VP at Stewart & Tate, Inc.

With his combined professional skills, Kenny is a strong believer in fiscal responsibility and getting the most out of our school budget in the interest of the students. Kenny thrives at making well-thought decisions without being influenced by outside interest. He is a problem solver, never giving the “run around” or putting things on the back burner.

Kenny Kiler’s dedication to Carroll County’s youth, his professional success in private sector, his personal experiences with the Carroll County Public Schools system, and his passion to make Carroll County schools into the best they can possibly be are why Kenny Kiler will be an invaluable member of the Carroll County Board of Education.

Dan Thomas