Letters: Support for candidates Kiler, Johnson; commissioners should let Planning and Zoning finish Freedom Plan

BOE candidate Kiler gives 100 percent

This letter is for all voters out there that don’t know Kenneth Kiler. Kenny is running for school board and needs your vote. Anyone that already knows Kenny knows what I’m about to tell you.

My husband and I have known Kenny for over 50 years. Kenny gives 110 percent to everything he does.


He’s been there for immediate family and extended family members. They know all they have to do is call and Kenny will help them with whatever issue they have. He gives 110 percent to his family.

We are fortunate to have him as a friend. He was there for us on the worst day of our life when we lost our son, Tommy, and has continued to support our family 110 percent.


As a wrestling coach, he was respected by wrestlers, parents and other coaches. The boys he coached were provided a positive influence that has touched them forever.

During the lead-up to early voting, the Carroll County Times endorsed several candidates for local offices. For readers who may have missed those endorsements, here they are again for local, contested races.

He has given 110 percent to his campaign so I have no reason to doubt he will be totally committed to his job on the school board. He is very qualified for this position.

On Nov. 6, you could cast your vote for three school board candidates, but two of those are definite wins, so cast just one vote for Kenny. It will be a tight race for that third position with other good candidates, but I know Kenny will do a great job.

Della Dell


Johnson would make a good commissioner, regardless of party

It would be great if we could elect our commissioners on a non-partisan basis. Paul Johnson has shown intelligence, compassion and determination to share ideas with voters and has worked hard to understand the multiple issues of District 4. He is a Democrat yet not wedded to every one of their core values. In truth, he is moderate and understands the practicalities in living in a very conservative area. I don’t think you could ask anything more of a commissioner. He has knocked on a lot of doors and talked to a lot of people.

Paul is a computer IT professional and brings the fact-finding aspect into play. I believe his character and integrity are above reproach. It is indeed unfortunate that partisanship, admittedly the backbone of higher, e.g. statewide and national, elections is being used when our commissioners have to deal with zoning, development, school funding, and the nuts and bolts of running a local government with a lot of citizen input. Party affiliation brings very little to the mix.

Vote for Paul Johnson on Nov. 6.

Sheila Pyatt

Mount Airy

Commissioners should send Freedom Plan back to P&Z to finish job

The recent article in the Carroll County Times, “Planning and Zoning calls out Carroll Commissioners in Letter About the Freedom Plan,” should spark the interest of citizens throughout the county.

Commissioner Doug Howard spent a portion of Thursday’s meeting railing against a letter sent by the Planning and Zoning Commission to the Board of County Commissioners concerning the Freedom Area Comprehensive Plan,

Following the process of the Freedom area plan, it certainly struck me as wrongheaded to have the commissioners suddenly take control of the plan merely so it could be finished up before Commissioners Rothschild and Howard leave office — a most obvious political maneuver.


Area plans have enough politics involved in them as property owners and developers opt for changes to benefit themselves — but to interject the blatant absconding of the plan by the commissioners simply to meet the term limits of two commissioners is beyond all reason. This matter of convenience that the commissioners have dealt themselves should raise the hackles of all the citizens in the Freedom district, most particularly those who have taken time to participate in shaping the plan.

This Board of County Commissioners has done a fair job of avoiding controversy during their tenure. For them to interject themselves so strongly into the planning processes reduces them to the level of antics seen in previous, recent boards. The commissioners deserve the written reprimand by the Planning Commission and should hasten a return the plan to the Planning Commission for further honing, regardless of how long that may take.

Cornelius “Neil” Ridgely


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