Letters: Democrats' disgraceful behavior; Keep Titus on Carroll Circuit Court bench

Democrats’ behavior disgraceful

This is in response to David Iacono’s article “Reject the current GOP on Election Day.” David states, “Republicans don’t care if the women raising allegations of sexual abuse are telling the truth. They want to send woman … back to the stone age.”

Christine Ford accused Judge Kavanaugh of sexual assault sometime in the 1980s, but she didn’t know the year, the place, the time, how she got there, or how she got home. To corroborate her story, Ford identified three people at the party, with Mark Judge in the room at the time, but all three testified under oath, that it never happened. Not only is there no evidence, or corroboration, but her three witnesses actually repudiated her claim.


David said, “A corrupt, cruel and amoral Congress ... is open for all to see.” He's right, look at how the pompous Democratic senators including Feinstein, Harris, Booker, Blumenthal, Hirono etc. handled their constitutional duties of advise and consent. Dianne Feinstein hid Ford’s letter from the Republicans and Kavanaugh until after the confirmation. Feinstein, or her staff leaked Ford’s letter to the media, against her will. When Ford was asked about her recent polygraph, she didn’t know who paid for it. Her Dianne Feinstein-provided activist/lawyers paid for it and also forgot to tell Ford that Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley, confirmation committee chairman, would come to California to interview her in private. The Democrats wanted this circus and used Ford as a sacrificial pawn.

The senators attacked Kavanaugh claiming his high school yearbook proved he was a sexual predator. They showed total disregard for the 5th and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. No presumption of innocence, no due process and no equal protection, which are the constitutional ideals that separate America from the Banana Republics. These self-righteous senators flushed the Constitution down the toilet and tried to destroy Kavanaugh and his family to promulgate their political agenda.

David flaunts his liberal cult mentality by wanting you to live in a country where a 35-year-old accusation means you are guilty, Democrats extort senators (demanding Collins vote against Kavanaugh, or they give her opponent millions of dollars), yowling mobs of Democrats run Republicans out of public places, sanctimonious mobs romping through the halls, offices and elevators of Congress intimidating and yelling at senators and congressmen/woman etc. If you condone this disgraceful behavior, vote Democratic.

Carl Burdette


Keep Judge Titus on Circuit Court bench

I am writing regarding the upcoming election, and the contested race for Circuit Court judge, where Maria Oesterreicher is running against the sitting judge, Judge Richard Titus.

Ms. Oesterreicher has previously attempted to question the manner in which the local Bar Association endorsed Judge Titus. That vote was entirely consistent with the Bar Association’s bylaws. She has also tried to make this contest into a gender issue, pointing out that there are no women on the Circuit Court bench in Carroll County This is true, but overlooks several points. First, one of our two District Court judges is female, which has been the case since 1991 Second, our local Judicial Nominating Commission, made up of lawyers and laypersons, and appointed by Gov. Hogan, reviews all applications for judicial vacancies, and conducts a thorough vetting process, culminating with interviews of the applicants. It then sends a list of at least three names to the governor, who conducts his own review before making an appointment. Ms. Oesterreicher has applied for the last four judicial vacancies in Carroll County. While she has not been included on the short list sent to the governor for any of those vacancies, each list included one or more females on it. Therefore, to imply that female attorneys are not getting judicial opportunities is simply not the case.

Please support Judge Richard Titus, the candidate found to be worthy by the Judicial Nominating Commission and appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan. Don’t be fooled by the signs and misleading mailers and letters. Vote to keep the judge who has lived in Carroll County for over 20 years, maintained his practice here for that length of time as well, and who has served with distinction since his appointment.

Michael Ritchey


The writer is a three-term member of the Judicial Nominating Commission.