Letters: Columnist, 'kneelers' off the mark; BOE candidate not who voters thought

Columnist, ‘kneelers’ are off the mark

In his Friday column “A second Civil War brewing?” Frank Batavick makes the enlightened assertion that those of us who are extremely upset and saddened by football players taking a knee for our national anthem are somehow equating them to uppity plantation blacks.

I can assure Mr. Batavick that when any individual does not respect our nation in any way, shape, or form, I don't see color! I see people who is are uninformed and so self-absorbed that they don't even have an awareness that it is because they were blessed enough to be born in this great country that they have the opportunity to play a kid's game for a lot of money.


So, who's the racist here, Mr. Batavick, the one who would always stand for the flag, or the one who inserts race into every conflict of what is right and wrong?

Perhaps Mr. Batavick and the "kneelers" should visit Arlington or Gettysburg and imagine what those people who died for that flag might think!

It's not Republicans who are screaming at senators, or harassing them in restaurants, or getting in their faces to try to intimidate them. It's those who think like you do!

So, if you really want a new civil war, you might be careful what you wish for!

Dave Price


BOE candidate isn’t who we thought

As someone who voted for Tara Battaglia for Board of Education in June, I have my concerns going into November. Ms. Battaglia is not the candidate we saw leading up to the primary in June. That candidate was someone wanting to make change and as she admitted, “not a typical candidate,” which was a major draw to her. As it turned out she has become a candidate that acts as if we the voters are not capable of making smart decisions.

She has not secured a single endorsement from local organizations/politicians. She has, however, managed to lash out at the Carroll County Republican Central Committee over not getting their endorsement. She even went as far as claiming on Facebook that she was discriminated against. Ms. Battaglia, please tell us, the voters, how you were discriminated against? There were five female voters out of nine on that board. When you don’t get a majority, you can’t just claim “discrimination.”

Ms. Battaglia’s fire and passion for what appeared to be the children of Carroll County, once again a major draw to her in the first place, has been proven to be nothing more than a smokescreen. Her desire to see a K-8 built, goes back several years and she will push for that at all costs, so it seems, even to the detriment to the public schools.

Her latest stunt of not attending the BOE forum hosted by the Community Media Center and Carroll County Times is problematic at best. By her own words, she could not attend because of a picnic, soccer practice, and her 15th wedding anniversary. Really? So, candidate Battaglia instead decides to take all the questions and study how she should answer them and has her own forum to enlighten us with her insight. If only that was how it works in the real world. I sure hope that if we were to vote Ms. Battaglia into office that an important vote or emergency meeting doesn’t get scheduled on days where she has a picnic, soccer practice or anniversary scheduled. After all, doing the people’s business is second to her personal schedule.

Let’s help Ms. Battaglia with getting her priorities right, let’s make sure she isn’t elected and has plenty of time for what she finds to be important, which clearly isn’t the children of Carroll County.

Ellen Martin