Letters: Parent recommended is best, says BOE candidate; ending child hunger

Parent recommended is best

With Early Voting, and General Election Day around the corner, different organizations are announcing who they’re endorsing. Did members at-large of those organizations have a say as to who they would like to see endorsed? For some, the answer is no.

As a candidate for Board of Education, I have promised to be a voice for the students, parents, communities and teachers. To actually listen to those that have questions, concerns and represent the majority. After all, that is what a representative is elected to do.


This is not the case for CCEA (Carroll County Education Association). With over 3,000 Carroll County Public School employees, a board of 12 are the ones that decide who is on their “Apple Ballot” with the misleading slogan “Teacher Recommended.” The actual teachers have no at-large vote. That is very unfortunate. The FOP sends a survey to the members they represent , they vote and the endorsements are made from that outcome. That is a true membership endorsement. It’s a shame that our educators are not allowed their individual voices in the endorsement as FOP members are. If they were, it would truly be “teacher” recommended.

I was recently shocked and disappointed when I received a cease and desist letter from MSEA (Maryland State Education Association) demanding that I not use the “Apple” logo, “Teacher Recommended” slogan or they would seek to take legal action. I found it very odd given that I have not or in any way used any of these during the primary or at anytime. Is MSEA going to go after the apple farmers or even the iPhone Apple company for using an apple? It appears that Gov. Hogan and I share similar thoughts on education. Apparently this is a concern to some. MSEA is going after Gov. Hogan for using a different apple logo which is not even the “patent” apple per MSEA. Is MSEA saying teachers are not allowed to have a direct say as to who they support?

I wouldn’t want an endorsement by an organizational group that members as a whole did not have any direct input on. It is clear that over 6,000 citizens voted for me in the primary. As my supporters have told me, I’m Parent Recommended and Student Approved. That’s the best endorsement anyone could have. I’m honored to have that one. It’s the one that matters the most.

Tara Battaglia


The writer is a candidate for the Carroll County Board of Education.

Push to end nutritional-related child deaths

Response to "Lederhosen, bratwurst, and beer …,” in light of the upcoming celebrations, it is important to remember that not everyone gets the food that they need to survive this time of year. It is estimated that globally nearly 50 percent of child deaths before the age of 5 are due to malnutrition (USAID). In the 21st century this is still shocking to hear. But it is not all doom and gloom, with upcoming elections in Maryland and 2019 appropriations, we need to continue as a community to encourage our Maryland representatives to push to end nutritional related child deaths. This goal is not only realistic and achievable, but also necessary and long overdue. Thank you for your time.

Kathryn Romanchuk

Mount Airy