Hoping Dems’ behavior backfires in 2018

In his response to my letter, Democrat candidate for Judge of the Orphans’ Court Frank Rammes exhibits bias and makes inaccurate assumptions. These are dreadful defects of temperament for someone hoping to be a judge. Frank parrots the “common” leftist talking points and Orwellian propaganda in which left is right and right is wrong. He uses terms like “reproductive freedom” which most people would define as the freedom to reproduce. What Frank means though is the freedom to end the life of an unborn baby, which is the opposite of reproduction. Similar to Frank, self-described “deeply religious” Chelsea Clinton says it is “un-Christian” to protect an unborn life. However, Christians believe in sacrifice of their own lives for the benefit of others but don’t believe life should be abnormally taken to benefit others.

Democrats say that Brett Kavanaugh should call for an investigation on himself to prove he is innocent. This is the opposite of what has been the foundation of our justice system in which you are innocent until proven guilty. Democrats like Frank Rammes, Jamie Raskin, Ben Cardin and Chris Van Hollen should lead by example and start investigations into themselves. Any survivors from their past can remain anonymous. Once accused, these men need to resign and/or quit their campaigns. Men need to “just shut up and step up” according to Hawaii’s Democrat Sen. Hinono and prove they are not sexual predators.


I agree with Frank that it appears the “passionate” ladies he met campaigning haven’t been fooled by anyone yet. Some reports say 90 percent of all the media’s coverage of Trump’s 2016 campaign was negative but Trump won in an electoral landslide. I hope the Democrat’s recent disgraceful behavior backfires in 2018. Woman may instinctively protect their innocent men from Democrat insanity.

Orwell’s prophecies are coming true in many ways besides the “double speak.” Silicon Valley puppeteers are sending information they don’t like down the “memory hole.” Infowars is the most obvious victim but the manipulation of internet information has been happening for years as Google video and email document and Twitter admits. Factual books like, “The Worst President in History: The Legacy of Barack Obama" that detail the complete failure of Obama's presidency are important to assure history is recorded accurately. To folks like Frank my letter is “unique” because as Orwell said, “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Myles Stanley


The greatest hero of them all

I have many in my family whom have served their country. One a pathfinder during D-Day, another shot down over Berlin and my great uncle in Italy, another who gave his life in Vietnam. However, there is one hero, who was greater than all of them combined.

He was arrested and falsely accused, put on trial and found guilty. He stood quietly as he was sentenced, and accepted the sentence freely. He came to take the wrap for many others, and we forget about the great sacrifice this person made. He truly is the greatest hero of them all. When I look at all the white crosses, dotting military cemeteries, I think of Him. The greatest hero of them all, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

Neil T. Ege


Use Kavanaugh case as teachable moment

Let’s face it, we may never know what happened that summer night in 1982. No matter who you believe or what party you belong to, we need to talk to our kids about sexual assault and the implications of improper behavior in today’s climate and well into the future.

We need to impress upon our sons to speak up for the girl being mistreated, remove themselves from a questionable situation, and call the authorities, if needed. Our sons can ensure their actions are beyond reproach by being aware of their surroundings and living by the Golden Rule.

We need to instill in our daughters that they are worthy of respect and they must have the courage to stand tall for themselves and others. Our girls need to be confident enough to use their voice and to report sexual assault immediately.

As the mother of two high school-aged sons, I promise to use the Brett Kavanaugh hearing as a teachable moment. Will you do the same?

Rose Kendig