Letters: Candidate Johnson has it wrong on Freedom Plan; Kavanaugh's track record

Candidate Johnson has it backward

This is in response to Paul Johnson’s letter criticizing Commissioners Rothschild and Howard for taking the Freedom Plan from the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z). I suspect Johnson supports government planners because his wife is an urban planner who was defeated by Commissioner Rothschild.

Mr. Johnson tries to discredit Rothschild by dragging Agenda 21 into his letter. For the record, Agenda 21 and its so-called sustainable development agenda is real. Page 45157 of the Federal Register dated Aug. 24, 1998, states, “The Sustainable Development Challenge Grant program is also a step in implementing Agenda 21, the global Plan of Action on Sustainable development signed by the United States at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.”


Former UN climate official Ottmar Edenhofer admits the goal of environmental policy is to “redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.”

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said, “I would explicitly repudiate what Obama has done on Agenda 21 as the kind of interference from the United Nations.”


Thankfully, because of Commissioner Rothschild, Carroll was the first of more than 100 jurisdictions in America to terminate membership with this insidious U.N. movement.

Johnson wants you to believe Commissioners Howard and Rothschild are ignoring citizen’s concerns while listening to “whom we do not know.” Obviously, his assessment is backward. The commissioners listened to Freedom area residents and took the plan back precisely because P&Z ignored citizen feedback opposing high-density housing.

Freedom Plan disputes reminded me of another unpopular County Master Plan, “Pathways.” In 2010, I attended a P&Z hearing where 900 people protested the proposed government plan.

Mr. Johnson suggests the commissioners send the plan back to P&Z because there “appears to be a darker agenda.” The only agenda here is by liberal activists that seem intent on bringing about a fundamental transformation of Eldersburg .

Commissioners Rothschild, Howard, Wantz and Weaver got it right.

P&Z and Paul Johnson got it wrong.

The commissioners’ version of the plan is scheduled for a hearing on Oct. 3 at 7 p.m. Residents will be able to comment on the revised plan. I suspect their comments will be much more favorable to the commissioners’ version.

Finally, citizens should be concerned about Mr. Johnson’s blind support for government planners before voting in November. Thankfully, they have a better alternative: Conservative Republican Eric Bouchat.

Bruce Holstein


The writer is the chair of the Long Term Advisory Council and Commissioner Rothschild’s campaign treasurer.

Kavanaugh won’t protect rights of all citizens

Brett Kavanaugh has a dangerous track record of protecting the privilege of the wealthy and powerful at the expense of working people. Any Supreme Court nominee must be fair, independent and committed to protecting the rights, freedoms and legal safeguards of all Americans. Judge Kavanaugh does not meet this standard and must not be confirmed.


Working people expect the Supreme Court to be fair and an independent branch of the American government. Any senator who believes Supreme Court justices should protect the rights of all Americans should reject this nomination and demand a nominee who will protect the rights of working people and uphold our constitutional values of liberty, equality and justice for all.

Ernie Grecco


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