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Support of Founding Fathers; fair highlights county’s agriculture | READER COMMENTARY

A response to Zirpoli in support of Founding Fathers

This is in response to Tom Zirpoli’s recent article “We must tell America’s story honestly.” Over the July 4 weekend more than 150 people were fatally shot with Chicago having 104 shot (18 fatally). Black Lives Matter/Antifa mobs in cities like Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and Chicago in 2020 destroyed historical monuments, looted, burned and destroyed hundreds, if not thousands, of minority owned businesses. But, Zirpoli ignores this violence and destruction and states slavery, systemic racism and Republican voter oppression causes the economic disadvantages of minorities.


Zirpoli says we must be honest, but he only focuses on the wrongs of segregation. He presents Blacks as blameless, ignoring the breakdown of marriages and studies by the Brookings Institution and others that state the biggest burden Blacks face isn’t systemic racism, it’s that 75% of Blacks are raised without a father. Zirpoli ignores the fact that slavery didn’t begin with white colonial European men, it existed everywhere since the dawn of mankind, including the Americas. Regardless, Zirpoli portrays America as a morally corrupt country that can’t be resolved of its past sins.

Martin Luther King Jr. had sins, but we don’t focus on that, because of the good he did. Whereas Zirpoli, like the radical Democrats, do just the opposite for our Founding Fathers. They discredit and vilify dead people seeking the cancellation and reinterpretation of America’s history. They must destroy the Founding Fathers, because the philosophy and accomplishments of remarkable men like Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton expose the insanity of the Left.


Following are some of Alexander Hamilton’s accomplishments: American Statesman, attorney, legal scholar, military commander, senior aid to General Washington, banker, economist, first Secretary of the Treasury, author of 51 Federalist papers and creator of the first Bank of the United States.

Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, was second Governor of Virginia, first Secretary of State, third U.S. President, promoter of the Louisiana Purchase, founder of the University of Virginia etc. Some of Jefferson’s, still relevant, quotes: “Most bad government results from too much government,” “It’s incumbent on every generation to pay its own debts as it goes” and “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”

Carl Burdette, Westminster

Fair highlights county’s agriculture

It’s time for the Carroll County Fair. For many, county fairs are about cotton candy and corn dogs, but for families like mine, it’s all about showing our cows and connecting with our neighbors.

Preparing for the fair takes months of planning, in addition to our day-to-day work of keeping our cows healthy to produce high-quality milk. Whether they are in the show ring or home in our milking parlor, cows need plenty of fresh water, high quality food and comfortable bedding to be their best.

Our farm, MD-Delight, has been operating here in Westminster since 1983 has been run by five generations of our family.

Stop and visit us at the fair to learn more about how my family produces wholesome, nutritious milk.

Crystal Dell, Westminster