Letters: Practice true meaning of Christmas throughout 2020; Leaders have forgotten lessons learned on 9/11

Practice true meaning of Christmas throughout 2020

In her Dec. 21 column (“Time to remember what unites us as a nation”), M.K. Sprinkle writes about Americans coming together during the holidays. What she did not write should not go unnoticed.

I agree with her that President Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” (freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, freedom from fear) are just as pertinent today as when FDR uttered them. They are indeed a foundation of coming together in our Republic through free democratic and untainted elections and voting by all American citizens. However, to come together all of us must understand that those freedoms, as the Constitution itself, can only be nurtured in a normal atmosphere of decency, dialogue and, yes, morality.


Certainly, equality means equality of races, equality of religious and philosophical beliefs and thought, equality for women, equality for LGBT, not just for those of us who are white, straight and Christian. Ours is a nation of laws, not of men. And that goes for even the person who holds the highest elective office.

As a kid I remember that religious reasons were often given to justify that blacks could not sit at a lunch counter or vote, share the same water fountain or entrance to a business or restroom. I remember as a kid, how blacks, Poles, Italians and Jews were called by derogatory names. I remember as a kid how blacks did not get the same quality education as I was fortunate to have. I will never forget parents of my Jewish friends whispering in horror about the Holocaust. I remember reading about adults in sweat shops and children laboring 12 hours a day.


I remember when our leaders took science research seriously, yet today we have increasing havoc of measles among our children, a day by day worsening of the climate crisis across the planet, and one of the most expensive, second-rate healthcare delivery systems in the world.

And, yes, it also would have been hard for me then, as a kid, to imagine that the president, at his “Merry Christmas Rally,” would denigrate women and suggest that a former congressman would go to hell.

Yes, this season is real, Ms. Sprinkle. It is real if we all love, rather than disparage or hate. In the spirit of Christmas, beginning with you, I wish you and all your loved ones a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season. I hope that we, together, rediscover and feel the true meaning of Christmas in these days of celebration and joy, and that we practice it through all of 2020.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge

Leaders have forgotten lessons learned on 9/11

Well , here we go again; a nation whose leaders are preoccupied with re-election, party bias and power struggle, right under the roof of the “Temple of Liberty,” aka The Capitol, while our enemies, not only knocking on the door, but are invited in and given the red carpet treatment. The recent terrorist attack at the Pensacola Naval Air Station that killed thee of our military members, brings to light another blooper by Homeland Security, the military and all three branches of government.

Do they ever learn from history? Apparently they do not!

Remember Sept. 11, 2001? We trained and instructed these pilots how to fly commercial aircraft, now we train and instruct people from Saudi Arabia how to fly military aircraft, again right over our heads. Luck was with us that Mohammed Alshamrani had only a 9mm glock in his possession. Imagine this monster in the pilot seat of an F-35, looking for his 70 virgins!

Albert Einstein stated about 90 years ago, “Imagination is everything, it is a preview of life’s coming attraction.” Too bad our leaders have none of that ! Should we wait till history repeats itself? Do not want to be around when it does. I think the director of Homeland Security and the C.N.O. of the NAVY should be summoned on the carpet (and I do not mean a red one) to answer a few questions.

Dieter Halle


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