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Letters: To Republicans, ignorance is a virtue; Grateful for Christmas tree at library; Who would Russia prefer in 2020?

To Republicans, ignorance is a virtue

I see that Rick Blatchford is still defending Trump and denigrating Democrats (“Not of the establishment, Trump has given us exactly what we voted for," Dec. 10). You say that Trump is the target of the Democrats because he is viewed as the least offensive Republican. You mention duly elected Democrats as giving you heartburn. What about Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, Steve Scalise, Devin Nunes and Louis Gohmert giving me heartburn.

The Republican Party was once the party of law and order, and let’s not forget that every single House Republican approved the president of cheating to try and win the 2020 election by extorting a foreign government with US tax dollars, demanding that an investigation of his political opponent be announced on American TV and obstructing justice. Evan with all of that you still approve of his conduct.


Trump’s appointed Attorney General William Barr should also be condemned. His conduct is nothing short of disgraceful and continues his pattern of misstating facts and out-and-out lying about documents to protect Trump. Fox News has spent many hours telling their viewers that the Horowitz report says the exact opposite of what it actually says. Barr argues that Obama and the FBI posed a greater threat to democracy than Russia.

The DOJ inspector general’s report was clear: The FBI acted properly and without political bias in opening an investigation into Trump campaign associates. Unfortunately, some Justice Department officials — including the AG — seem insistent on flat-out ignoring these findings. In my opinion, this is the future of the Republican Party. Freaks, weirdos, the angry, the maladjusted who just aren’t ignorant but who value ignorance as a virtue and mock education.


Harvey Rabinowitz


Grateful for Christmas tree at library

I was walking through Westminster at the beginning of this week enjoying the balmy weather before blustery winter weather arrived. I was surprised to see a beautiful Christmas tree on display in the plaza across the street from the Carroll County Library. After speaking with merchants in the area, I was told that this tree had been donated by Roy Lewis and the Lewis family of Westminster.

I wanted to take an opportunity to express my gratitude to Mr. Lewis and his family for sharing their gift of a Christmas tree with the City of Westminster this holiday season, a gift that will brighten the hearts and lift the spirits of all who pass by. Thank you.

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” – Charles M. Schultz.

Patricia Wall


Who would Russia prefer in 2020?

After hearing one of the two Impeachable acts that the Democrats have chosen as their “case” against Trump, ie. his seeking another country to act in support one of the candidates (the one they prefer). A foreign country doesn’t have to follow U.S. laws and it is imaginable this “other” foreign country could have many opportunities to “influence” American voters and not violate any US laws.


If we don’t go on record of opposing this practice of allowing foreign countries to influence our elections, we might as well save a lot of campaign funds and just ask Russia (who has plenty of money), who would they prefer to be our next president?

Wallace Wolff