Letters: Impeachment process backfiring on Dems; Trump’s behavior meets impeachment standard

Flawed impeachment process backfiring on Dems

Oddly, Democrats accuse Trump of upsetting norms and ignoring the Constitution. But if you’ve been watching the impeachment disaster and listening to what the Democrat presidential candidates are proposing it is obvious the exact opposite is true. The Dems are trashing historical precedent and standards to hurry and provide a one-sided show on TV to sway public opinion for impeachment. Their candidates are threatening the Constitution by eliminating the Electoral College, changing the Supreme Court and erasing our borders.

Oddly, the disastrous Dems may impeach Trump for executing our laws and withholding aid until Ukraine examines its 2016 meddling and corruption, while they ignore Joe Biden on video bragging to fellow globalist at the Council on Foreign Relations about getting a prosecutor in Ukraine fired by threatening to stop $1 billion in US aid.


Oddly, Dems accused Republicans of indifference about Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Now the Democrats are no longer concerned about interference in the 2016 elections and may impeach Trump for looking into potential Ukrainian interference. The impeachment is backfiring as it exposes America’s corrupt bureaucracy and media.

Oddly, the left says Trump is helping Putin. Trump sent military aid to Ukraine and Russia is hurting from our increased energy production. Democrats want to cut our energy production and all this impeachment and election interference distractions are exactly what Putin and our enemies want. Obama gave Putin “flexibility after his re-election” which led Putin to annex Crimea and invade Ukraine. Obama wouldn’t send military aid to Ukraine to fight Russia and the Obamas just bought a 30-acre mansion on the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.


Oddly, when they don’t like federal laws, Democrat communities ignore federal law such as with sanctuary communities and marijuana laws. However, if it’s the right to life or second amendment or other God-given rights they create imposing and controversial federal laws and demand strict compliance even if the law violates the Constitution and public opinion.

Oddly, Pelosi says she’s prayerfully considering impeachment and invokes her Catholic faith to rebuke reporters. However, she can’t be honest about this when she is violating the church and Bible’s teaching on abortion and more. Trump’s Presidency has America enjoying unprecedented success and security, very oddly at the same time sore-loser Dems are using a flawed process without facts to try and remove this most successful president.

Myles Stanley


Trump’s behavior meets impeachment standard

I’m a registered Democrat, but for other years I’ve been registered as an independent, and as a Republican. I’ve voted in every presidential election since John F. Kennedy, and voted for the likes of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter. I am in favor of the current impeachment activity against President Trump … not because I want to “undo the 2016 election,” as many Republicans claim, but simply because I find Donald Trump not up to what it takes to be leader of the free world, i.e., his incompetence, and because he’s just a lousy president.

My concerns began on Day 2 of his presidency. (Let’s not forget that the day after Barack Obama was elected in November 2008, Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell publicly stated that “we will do everything we can do to see that Barack Obama is a one-term president.” This was before Obama even took the oath of office.)

Getting back to Day 2 of this president’s reign, addressing the CIA, the president falsely said that it rained during his entire inauguration, except when he was making his inaugural speech, and the sun came out. Really? That did not happen. Later that day, his newly appointed press secretary, Sean Spicer, falsely announced that Mr. Trump’s inaugural crowd was the largest in inaugural history. And there were credible reports that the White House was tasked to alter the pictures, or to only publish ones that didn’t show the empty spaces in the crowd. That was strike two in 2 days.

Since then, it’s been misstatement after misstatement by the president and his spokespersons. The president himself has made over 13,000 documented misstatements and outright lies. Is that impeachable? Maybe not. But how about his statement about the United States’ “phony emolument clause”? I believe the presidential oath of office includes something about upholding the Constitution. Calling any part of it “phony” isn’t upholding that oath.

I could go on an on. But if Mr. Trump were a halfway decent President (and might I say, a halfway decent person), I’d not be in favor of this impeachment. think his behavior, though, meets the spirit of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Nick St. Amant


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