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Letters: Quid pro quo is common, see Clintons; Republicans believe only in Trump

Quid pro quo is common, see Clintons

We are hearing a lot about the new Trump “gotcha” term of the day. That term is quid pro quo. Shazam, we got him now. But at the very least, quid pro quo is not at all unusual and while it often looks sleazy when applied, as far as I can tell, it’s not illegal in most cases. For example, it I go to the store and buy a gallon of milk, I pay for it. I get something in exchange for giving something. That’s how the barter system works and is in a very real way the basis of capitalism.

Here are another couple of examples that might be construed as sleazy: when Chelsea Clinton graduated from college, she immediately walked into a $600K a year job with a major network. Not bad for an entry level position. Speaking of the Clintons, it seems the Clinton Foundation is running out of money at an alarming rate, especially money from foreign sources. Two immediate thoughts come to mind given this: first, were any of these contributors expecting anything in return like access to the new president or winning large contracts for their companies? And second, did their contributions dry up given the fact that Mrs. Clinton’s role on the world stage, i.e., gravitas, was gone. Hmm.


We know the history of the Bidens in Ukraine and it smacks of quid pro quo for Hunter Biden. Fifty grand a month is nice money for a job one is completely unqualified for. No crime here but it does raise some eyebrows. In fact, Hunter is quoted in an interview as saying, “I don’t think that there’s a lot of things that would have happened in my life if my last name wasn’t Biden."

Ukraine has a history of corruption that is undeniable. In all likelihood, when Trump asked its new president to look into corruption, he most likely was referencing the Bidens. Were Papa Joe not running for Trump’s job, we wouldn’t even be talking about this. But he is and we are. Joe demanded the prosecutor looking into corruption at Hunter’s employer be fired or monies would be withheld. The prosecutor was fired and Joe bragged about it! You can look it up.


So the question I have to ask is: Should the president be removed from office for what some believe to be sleazy quid pro quo, or do we want to let the voters decide in less that a year. I think if the unbridled hatred for Trump is removed from the equation and even a little bit of objectivity shows up, the answer is pretty obvious.

Dave Price


Republicans believe only in Trump

I need to respond to Michael Miller’s recent letter. The young man seems to be looking for a candidate to vote for instead of President Trump. I urge him to watch, actually watch, the Democratic debates. He apparently has not done so as he claims the candidates spend all their time attacking Trump.

That is flat-out not true. In fact, many Democrats, including myself, think our candidates spend too much time nit-picking each others policies, hardly mentioning all the lies, corruption and flat-out nonsensical policies coming out of this Administration.

When I was young and naïve I was a strong Republican. Then I realized the GOP only supported policies that favored the wealthy. But at least the party believed in something. Now they only believe in Donald Trump. I urge Mr. Miller to keep looking.

Frank Rammes