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No faith in outcome of 2020 election

I am 86 years old and have voted in every election since I became eligible. This, however, is my first election that I have no faith in its supposed outcome. I have trouble believing that a candidate who had trouble getting 100 people to his rallies would garner more votes than a candidate who regularly drew 20,000 or more people to his rallies.

This is my first election where the candidate with the most votes on Election Day was declared the loser four days later, but this was the first time voting by mail was used. We’ve always had absentee voting where the military and others away from home on Election Day could request mail-in ballots, but this is the first time ballots and requests for ballots were mailed to every name on outdated election rolls. People had moved or died and still ballots were mailed to their old addresses or to vacant houses. Whoever received these ballots could use them to vote illegally.


According to Judicial Watch, North Carolina alone had nearly 1 million inactive registrants who were mailed ballots. Many states have failed to clear their voting rolls and millions of ballots were sent to obsolete addresses. A 2019 study by Judicial Watch found 378 counties nationwide had more voters registered than citizens eligible to vote.

With Democrats in control, Election Day, where we vote in person, will become a thing of the past. Voting by mail will become the norm and all elections will become suspect. Will we ever be able to say again, “my vote counted”?


Jim Hopkins


Media, mail-ins meant Trump had no chance

Columnists Tom Zirpoli and Dean Minnich, how can you be so misguided? Of course, both candidates got record votes. What would you expect when Biden pushed for mail-in ballots with no restrictions, everybody gets one? How can you check who voted that ballot, were they eligible, were they dead, did they move? Someone could have voted their ballot and you can’t prove who — what a joke Biden is starting out with as a possible president.

Should he be impeached if he makes it to the presidency? How about the Ukrainian money for nothing and the China money for nothing? Fox News, the only reliable news, has the complete story. The other media, that are sucking up to Biden and the Democrats, will not tell a single negative story.

President Trump never had a fair chance. Possibly our greatest president, he stood up for the people, not the media, not the Hollywood stooges, not the educators, or not the far left. He stood for the average American. Thank God. I hope He will look out for us in this possible new age of lunacy.

In regards to Minnich, please dig into the Biden-China connection with his son. Do something worthwhile instead of still bashing Trump. Stick with the average citizen who finally had a president who took their part. The big Democrat-held cities, which I would not trust in any way, counted their votes with little to no inspection. No wonder Biden won.

Harry H. Griffith Sr.


School board must use science in decisions

Just a short note on the decision making of the Carroll County school board, illustrated in the televised meeting of Nov. 11. The board’s discussion surrounding the how’s and why’s of the recent spike in COVID-10 cases in Carroll County completely missed the science presented by the Carroll County Health Department. The physical well-being of the students in the school system must be the priority of the board.

Everyone is tired of the restrictions presented by the spread of this disease. Yet these restrictions remain the viable preventive measures necessary to defeat the spread of this disease. Social/mental health issues of the students cannot be met until their physical health can be safeguarded. Regardless of how frustrating it is to keep children out of school until the metrics for the spread of this disease can be controlled, it must be done.

As a middle school and high school teacher for 37 years in Baltimore City Public Schools, and an administrator for eight years at CCBC, with three grandchildren enrolled in Carroll County Public Schools, I would urge the school board to reconsider opening schools until the metrics of the COVID-19 virus in Carroll County return to safe levels.

David Mintzer



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