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Disagrees with Supreme Court

In the Jewish religion we celebrate the New Year and begin a 10-day period of repenting. Unlike other religions where people confess their sins in various ways and at various times of the year, in the Jewish religion we confess our sins as one during a 24-hour period of fasting on the 10th day of the year known as Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement). The Day of Atonement, like most Jewish Holidays, begins on the evening before with a Kol Nidre service. 

At age 71, this year, for the first time in my life, I was not in temple for that service. I received a letter from my rabbi that explained that just like taking medicine during the fast, not attending services do to the pandemic was equally permissible.


I must admit even though I agreed with the rabbi, I still felt the need to confess. We believe it is during this time the book of life is opened and it is determined who shall live and who shall die during the New Year.  What I did was I attended an online service broadcast by the Park Avenue Synagogue in New York. As their name implies they are a house of worship with the means to do it the right way. Not only did they broadcast the service, they also intermittently showed other members praying from their homes which fulfilled the concept of all confessing their sins at the same time. The reasoning is we are amongst those we may have offended and we can forgive one another at the same time.

I relate this event as a way to show there is technology available today that was not available when the Bible was written. There is technology available today that was not available when the Constitution was written.  Thus, I have to vehemently disagree with the recent decision by the Supreme Court against the state of New York whose intent was to protect the citizens of that state no matter what their religion is. This act could in no way can be construed to be against the freedom or practice of any religion whatsoever.


Steven Davidson

New Windsor

State leaders following science

Chris Roemer we need to do some real schmoozing, pal. Uh, with masks and practicing social distancing, thank you very much.

Your Community Voices piece (”Unemployment, education, mental health, nothing matters except COVID-19″) speaks your heartfelt volumes of angst about the societal economic pains that have touched all of us. But please, the burden of economic devastation should not be placed on our state leaders who are following the best science in the face of a failed president who since spring did little or nothing but regularly twitter that the disease will simply go away, no mask necessary, come to my rallies and, by the way, don’t pay attention to the COVID contraction and death statistics or to family members who cannot even visit their dying relatives and hold his or her hand while their beloved patient is taking their final breath.

I have no idea how you voted, Mr. Roemer, but your angst would have been better used in a letter back in January to bleach pusher Donald J. Trump and family and the COVID positive staff and Dr. Atlas (as in mighty?) in the White House who have all the best medical staff available 24/7 and have golf courses to escape to by helicopter at taxpayers’ expense.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge

Issues more apparent in 2016 election

I saw the two letters to the editor about America’s President Donald J. Trump in this newspaper on Sunday, Nov. 22. I just want to remind the two writers about Trump, regarding his first term. Don’t you recall the voting assistance that he got added to his election chances of winning back in 2016, when he beat Hillary Clinton? That’s right, he received strong voting contributions to be elected from the country by Russia. By the way, the leader of that country is President Putin.

Now, it shouldn’t be hard to recall how relatively poorly Trump served in his four years. To my knowledge he did not “beg” once again for help to be sure to have his second term. However, he was deeply worried about the legal routine of voting by mail from private homes, even though in the United States this is fully legal.

There was no fraud or illegal voting happening during or even after Election Day, on Nov. 3. With President-elect Joe Biden, there will be a great American serving in the White House. He has a big role to help improve America.

Richard Eiwen



Urges delegate to stay in N. Carolina

I read Haven Shoemaker”s regular rant in the Thanksgiving Issue (”With Republicans like Gov. Larry “Lockdown” Hogan, who needs Democrats?”). He writes at the end of his diatribe that he would be going to the North Carolina mountains for Thanksgiving. Could we all say a loud Amen and pray that he stays there?

Albert D. Taymans


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