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Rezoning in Marriottsville will cause problems

Carroll County proposed rezoning the 146-acre Zabel property in Marriottsville from Resource Conservation (1 home/3 acres) and R40,000 (1 home/acre) to R20,000 (2 homes/acre) with a smaller Conservation area. The Conservation zoning has been in place for over 40 years; this should not be changed without environmental studies. This rezoning will impact wildlife, including a federally threatened bat species. The Conservation portion will be shrunk and relocated to an area which can’t be developed because of topography; this is a handout to the developer. A throughway will run over the relocated Conservation land.

The rezoning will increase environmental degradation and runoff/drainage issues. A stream on the property flows to Piney Run, then to the Patapsco River-South Branch, then to Ellicott City.


The proposed changes don’t blend with existing communities on three sides of the property. The new development will have throughways placed in existing neighborhoods with dead-end roads. Many residents ride bikes, walk, and run through the neighborhood. A throughway would destroy the reason why most of us purchased our homes here, and greatly impact our daily lives.

Marriottsville Road 2, a dangerous, narrow, windy road running through Patapsco Park, will be a major artery for the development. With no way to improve the safety of this road, it is irresponsible to consider adding additional traffic.


Many schools are near or over capacity. In response to this rezoning, CCPS Facilities stated, “This projected future overcrowding could require the County to construct additional school capacity in the southeast region of the county…”

Carroll County needs to be fiscally responsible and consider future effects before approving this rezoning. The developer fees seem attractive now, but there will be future costs associated with this rezoning (infrastructure, schools, environmental impact, increased runoff, flooding, etc.) that the county must consider now.

Nobody in the community wants this. In five days, a petition opposing this rezoning received over 772 signatures. Nobody moved to Carroll County for overdevelopment issues. Our home is our greatest investment. I would appreciate the Planning Commission considering what they would do if they actually lived here. Please make the decision for the greater good for the tax-paying residents currently living here.

What positive changes will happen? If this rezoning is approved, our roads will be busier, our schools will be overcrowded, and our quality of life will decline. This will fundamentally transform the area and degrade our quality of life.

I’m opposed to increased taxes to pay for upgrades due to issues caused by irresponsible zoning and growth. This will take money from other areas of the county needing investments. Are you, the current leaders, going to be the people who raise our taxes?

Kristen Stanley Morinelli


The author is the founder of the group Freedom Citizens Against Irresponsible Growth.

Everyone, governors included, should wear masks

I observed the governor of South Dakota say proudly, “I don’t wear a mask.” In effect she is saying, “I don’t give a ______ about possibly passing on the virus to other people.”  We have been told by many highly qualified doctors that “mask wearing is primarily done to avoid passing on the virus to other people. “ The governor is proudly saying “I don’t give a ______ about other people or their family or friends.” 

Unfortunately many millions of Americans are saying the same thing by not wearing masks.  Why else does America, with all its “high tech medical capacity,” have by far the worst  coronavirus problem of any country in the world?  

I know most Americans care very strongly about not causing pain and horrible suffering to others, we should be reminded, every day, that mask wearing is primarily to prevent the spreading of this devastating disease to other people, not primarily  to protect ourselves.  Why would a governor “proudly” say she doesn’t care about others?

Wallace Wolff



Retention ponds at Krimgold Park?

I must dispute calling the ponds at the park water retention ponds. The 3 ponds connected in series have always been there. Growing up on Buckhorn Road as kids in the ’60s we would sneak down to the third-largest pond from Buckhorn Road by the line of trees that led to the pond. We would fish and swim there. The beavers were there then, too.

So I don’t get why they are calling them retention ponds when they were always there before the park was ever built.

Joe Foltz


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