Letters: Check out Health Connection for insurance; what a ‘great president’ doesn’t do; gender choices on licenses

Take advantage of Md. Health Connection insurance

At the Carroll County Health Department, we frequently see devastating consequences when people have inadequate health insurance, or no insurance at all. Unexpected medical costs can bankrupt a family, having lifetime implications for their financial well-being. But this burden can be avoided when people take advantage of the quality health insurance plans available through Maryland Health Connection, the state’s official marketplace. These plans make preventive care very affordable, and cover catastrophic care to prevent families from having to pay out of pocket for all emergency medical costs.

As Carroll County’s Health Officer, I want to be sure everyone in Carroll County who needs health insurance knows that open enrollment for 2020 health plans began on Nov. 1 and continues through Dec. 15. I believe the cost and benefits of these plans have improved over the last few years and residents of our county should review their options and find a plan that is best for them and their families.


Quality health plans are available for every budget. This year, rates have dropped and there are new options, called value plans, with lower deductibles and out-of-pocket costs. Financial help is also available to help pay for coverage. In fact, 9 out of 10 Marylanders who enrolled last year got savings. There is free, in-person help available right here in Carroll County. Check out MarylandHealthConnection.gov/help to find an office or event.

I encourage everyone to explore their options at MarylandHealthConnection.gov, where you can find a health plan that gives you peace of mind as you head into the new year. Don’t wait! You only have until Dec. 15 to make sure you are covered in 2020.

Edwin F. Singer


The writers is the county health officer with the Carroll County Health Department.

Sevens reasons why Trump isn’t a ‘great president’

One of your letter writers recently called Donald Trump a “great president.” I would like to point out a few reasons why that is not true.

1. A great president does not continuously lie to the American people.

2. A great president does not trample on the U.S. Constitution.

3. A great president does not hide his tax returns.

4. A great president does not put kids in cages.

5. A great president does not treat allies as enemies and ememies as friends.

6. A great president does not head the most corrupt administration in American history.

7. A great president does not obstruct a legitimate congressional inquiry.

Once more, I predict that Donald J. Trump will be in prison in five years, which is exactly where he belongs.


James G. Hirtle


Confused about gender choices on licenses

I am writing not regarding politics but the article presented in the Carroll County Times on Sunday, Nov. 10 that starts out with, and I quote, “more than 100 Marylanders opted to list their gender as 'X' or ‘unspecified’ on their driverss licenses and identification cards under a state law that went into effect on Oct. 1.”

I read the whole article and learned about several named changes to take place. I have this question to ask on the subject of change in driver’s licenses as was stated, either choosing "X" or “unspecified”: Isn’t the photo face of the individual (as I do have myself) still required by law to be on the license?

Richard E. Eiwen