Noting differences between Central Committee and PAC

As chairman of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee, I would like to address some questions/concerns that have been raised about the Carroll Republican Victory PAC. It is important that Republican voters in Carroll County fully understand the difference between Central Committee and a Political Action Committee (PAC) and their functions.

The Maryland Republican Party is governed by the State Central Committee. County Central Committee members are elected every four years, by the voters, during the gubernatorial primary election. The purpose of the committee is to be the governing body and official spokesman for the Republican Party of Carroll County.


The Carroll County Republican Central Committee is composed of nine members from all walks of life — farmers, business owners, retired military, law enforcement, community activists and more. Members are unpaid and fulfill their duties and responsibilities as volunteers. One important function of the committee falls under Article III, Section 13 of the Maryland Constitution. In the event of a legislative vacancy in the Maryland General Assembly, the Central Committee of the party that has the vacancy shall submit the name of a replacement to the governor.

The Central Committee is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform in Carroll County. We assist Republican candidates by fundraising and coordinating election strategy. Hopefully you’ve stopped by our trailer at the local summer carnivals to pick up campaign literature or registered to vote. We host annual events including the Delegation Breakfast with the Carroll County Delegation and a Lincoln/Reagan Dinner. Past speakers have included Congressman Jim Jordan. Our first gun raffle held this year was a great success.

A PAC is formed by unelected citizens for the sole purpose of raising money to elect and defeat candidates of their choice with no accountability to the voter. Most PACs represent business, labor or ideological interests. They have no legal authority. They can donate money to any candidate from any political party. They are not bound by the State Constitution.

I encourage Carroll County Republicans to attend our monthly meetings, held on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:30. Due to the upcoming Holidays, both the November and December meetings will be held on the third Thursday. We are your elected representatives and we not only welcome your input, but we need it to represent the Republican Party of Carroll County.

David L. Brauning Jr.


The author is the chairman of the Carroll County Republican Central Committee.

Doesn’t like columnist writing about Trump

Tom Zirpoli, you have a fixation about our great president. In your (Oct. 23) column, you used the name Trump 22 times in a short discourse spewing your personal hatred of the president of the United States.

Where are your opinions on the run of the mill Democratic candidates for president? No mention ever in your columns supporting any person or the ideas for those running for the office of president. I can’t blame you because there is no Democrat godsend that would save you from our duly elected president, who is making America great again.

I will list a few of your Democratic ideas. 1. Abortion. 2. Immigration, open borders. 3. Church, restrict belief of God-fearing people. 4. Restrict or deny coal, gas, oil, nuclear power and instead use wind, sun or who knows. 5. Free college for all. 6. All student loans forgiven. 7. Many more inane statements from the far left, as they will promise anything for a vote.

In closing, please, in our great, very much Republican, Carroll County, pen some happy thoughts, or send you columns to Baltimore City, where you might be appreciated. Say something besides impeachment. You must have something, do you?

Harry Griffith


Thankful for great customer service experience

Kudos again, Carroll County. When I moved here several years ago from Baltimore County, I was amazed at the cordial and friendly customer service I found everywhere. The latest heap of praise goes to the newly reopened laundromat just off Main Street in downtown Westminster.


Amy’s Laundromat is a large, bright and clean establishment with all-new machines and a coin-free, easy system. The prices are below many of the competition in the county.

But the best thing about this new establishment? The new proprietor, Amy. She takes the time to walk you through the system, is on deck to assist in any way and is often seen giving her senior customers extra help.

Don’t take this kind of extraordinary customer service for granted. Residents of Carroll County. It is rare in our world today.

Rhonda Berg