Letter-writer shouldn’t ‘verbally stab’ atheists

Referring to Dave Price’s Oct. 31 letter to the editor (“Seeking atheist vote at Democratic debate”), sorry, Price is not right! [But] thanks for noting/promoting knowledge of Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF.org). Don’t muddle religion and politics. It proved deadly in Europe. Is Price promoting a religious litmus test to vote?

Atheists have always been freethinking. Martin Luther got it so right, that reason is the greatest threat faith has. Indeed, the early church invented hell/Satan to keep people in line and scare the begeebies (rational thought) out of people. Hooray for the young, who think for themselves. FFRF awarded students over $20,000 for essays on secular living.


Just so Price, citizens and preachers know, in the 1961 Supreme Court case Torcaso v. Watkins, Judge Hugo Black validated that [non-believers] have the same rights of conscience as believers in a God. Read “Atheism for Dummies” (recognize famous non-theists) then take the Belief-O-Matic Quiz to see if you’re in the right spot Sunday morning. Like Dr. Seuss’s Who’s, atheists are here — and more than Price could shake a stake at. For centuries atheists have been everywhere humans are, just not safe to speak freely. Perhaps in a pew with you or surprisingly in the pulpit, too! Dan Barker, the founder of FFRF, was once a fundamentalist preacher.

Atheists don’t believe religious ideologies should direct mechanisms of government to control other people’s lives. When Price suggests atheists have evil intent [does he mean] voting for what we think is right but not what Price wants? He turns religion into an evil force. Price’s McCarthy-like conspiracy thinking is dangerous in free society. Why does he need to verbally stab atheists for thinking differently or having other values? His political blathering in the name of religion besmirches people of good faith doing what churches do best — care for humanity.

An irrational man demanded why did I have to talk about atheism. I asked why he talked about Christianity. Shouldn’t I be honest about who I am? I asked, would he feel better if I lied implying that I believed the same as he did? Silence.

The Season for Reason is soon upon us. Hopefully, Christians now realize they don’t own the Winter Solstice season (Christmas). It’s always been owned by capitalists. Follow Charles Dickens. He was a man of real charity and good will to all. Something to celebrate: The Bill of Rights was ratified Dec 15, 1791.

Nan Nelson


Calls for local GOP activism an act of desperation

I had to laugh at Joe Vigliotti’s column [Friday] morning ("Preparing Carrol for 2020, beyond) for his more-than-usual deflection from the Trump anchor chained to the ankle of the local GOP apparatus.

In light of recent White House revelations amid Trump impeachment proceedings, Chris Thomlinson and Vigliotti’s stiffening of their upper lips and call for perpetual local GOP activism is surely an act of profuse sweating and desperation.

As Carroll countians suddenly are becoming more and more aware that GOP noses are barely above water (and so, like Kentucky, Carroll County may go), perhaps they feel that the likes of a call to continue the perpetual Trump war will help them save face.

I believe not. To advance their conservativism, I strongly advise these two young men to seek out a brighter star. Gov. Larry Hogan comes to mind.

Just to cue you in, fellas, the White House was darkened the day Trump and his ilk entered it.

John D. Witiak

Union Bridge

A resource for survivors of domestic violence

Regarding Mary Grace Keller’s article, “Domestic violence numbers rise” in the Oct. 27 issue of the Times, the article mentioned that survivors of domestic violence can file petitions for protective orders with the court, in order to protect thmselves from their abuser.


I am the attorney for the Women’s Law Center, Protective Order Advocacy & Representation Project (POARP) in Carroll County. Our office is located in Suite 206 of the Circuit Court Annex building at 55 N. Court St. in Westminster.

The Women’s Law Center provides free legal services, including representation in protective order hearings in both District and Circuit courts, to survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault. We also assist non-intimate partners in filing petitions. Individuals seeking assistance may contact the office at 410-386-2440. The Women’s Law Center appreciates the spotlight that the Carroll County Times has shone on domestic violence and we are hoping this letter will inform readers about the services we provide to survivors.

Erica F. Boyd, Esq.

Carroll County POARP staff attorney