Letters: Local veteran ‘enraged’ by current state; biased media never investigated Obama

Local veteran ‘enraged’ by current state

In the Carroll County Times, on Oct. 31, Dean Minnich wrote an opinion piece headlined “War is more fun in the movies.” Like Dean, I, too, am no war hero. I am, however, a veteran. I began my time in uniform during the same war that he did, enlisting for three years, going not to Vietnam but to Okinawa, ironically 23 years after my father, another veteran, arrived there with MacArthur. I got out, moved on, did the GI bill. Thirteen years later I went back into the Army, this time as an officer and chaplain. Thirty-two years later I retired as a Chaplain Colonel having worn our nation’s uniform for some part of six decades.

For a good part of my career my job was to listen to those who often did see combat, or to their family members struggling to understand and support them as they dealt with injuries, physical emotional and spiritual. There were times that I had the honor (but never a joy) of being present while a service member performed their duty of notifying family members that a loved one wasn’t coming home; then attempting to console those family members and the notifying soldier. There was never talk, during these times, of glorious battles or gloating at the defeat of the enemy, just of loss, pride of someone doing their duty, and of sacrifice.


Dean’s column asked how I feel as a veteran. Enraged, is how I feel; that this unworthy, clueless, self-serving commander-in-chief betrays and dishonors those who “support and defend” the Constitution, something he said he would do, while seemingly doing everything he can to support our nation’s enemies and undermine the values for which our nation stands.

I feel let down that many otherwise good citizens don’t seem to think there is anything wrong with this behavior, let alone it being treasonous. I am hopeful that Congress and the American public may still rise to the ideals that so many were willing to serve, support and defend. One veteran’s opinion!


Gerald Stone


Biased media never investigated Obama

I noted the op-ed cartoon in the Times (Oct. 30, depicting a TV viewer watching Fox News). My first comment is at least Fox News reports what is actually happening as opposed to the garbage that comes from CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post and, as an arm of Sun Media, the Carroll County Times.

I have many questions as to why the so called “journalists” employed by the above referenced chose not to investigate the following:

1. Obama unconstitutional signing of the Iran nuclear deal. (Can you say abuse of power?)

2. Obama’s (and the rest of of his intelligence and state department’s) inaction as they watched four Americans get murdered in Benghazi and their subsequent lies about what happened.

3. Obama's weaponization of the IRS to harass and investigate conservative and Tea Party groups. His IRS Commissioner fell on the sword for him.

4. Why Obama allowed Putin to invade and permanently occupy Ukraine, a sovereign nation, without any consequences?

5. Why Obama gave the Mullahs in Iran, the No. 1 state sponsor of terrorism, $150 billion? This just gave them more money to terrorize Europe, Israel and America, all of whom they hate.

6. Why Obama lied about the Affordable Care Act.

7. Why Obama’s abysmal economic record was not reported (such as increases in Americans in poverty and on food stamps).

8. Why Obama was never called out for his rash incorrect assessments of numerous racially charged incidents during his administration.


9. Why Obama shirked his duty by not taking reports of foreign meddling in our elections seriously and investigating them.

Is President Trump infallible? No. Does he do and say things that do not play well in the media? Yes.

But to have such blatant hated for him is unfair and uncalled for. Did I agree with how Obama performed and implemented his policies? No. But I did not and do not hate the man as the mainstream media obviously hates President Trump.

Even Richard Nixon's media coverage was no where near as negative and biased.

I grew up watching Walter Cronkite and Huntley/Brinkley. Did they have their personal biases?Absolutely. But at least they did not allow that to interfere with the reporting of the news, as opposed to espousing opinions.

Unfortunately, the “journalists” of present have forgotten, or never learned, what their place is in a democracy, a third party check on the government.

Russell Vreeland


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