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Letters: Forum for expressing opinions valuable; Biden’s views on abortion ever-changing; Remember, united we stand; Vote with your heart | READER COMMENTARY

Forum for expressing opinions valuable

Granted I am not young enough to imagine that I know everything, but I do know that writing, speaking, and listening are better than bullying and violence. One of the first chores that my father had as a child on the farm (on which I was also raised) was to walk about a mile to pick up the local newspaper from the mailbox. Newspapers have been important with my family for approximately forever.

President Trump greatly dislikes newspapers and any form of media. He is not friendly to anyone or anything which differs from his cult-like method of functioning. He has become the object of worship for some. Nearly all women are definitely treated as lower beings. I wish that no one saw fit to drink Kool-Aid which Trump offers. Too many folks have come to feel like enemies to each other just to keep Trump on a pedestal.


Many families depend on having some health insurance. I hope that does not slip away. Younger folks have no real understanding of how it was for most before Roe v. Wade. Men and women will both be less comfortable if that is struck down. Trump has already made our world greatly miserable. No more damage would be nice!

Our local newspaper which allows many to express their opinions respectfully and fairly is of great value to me these days! The first amendment to the Constitution is first for a reason or for many reasons! If we can get past the election with truth, logic, and reasoning prevailing. There is still plenty of work to be done!


Columns by Mitch, Tom G, Tom Z, Frank, Dean, and Bob have helped me cope these recent months. Also many assertive, non-aggressive Letters to the Editor have been a comfort and the encouragement to hope for a return to reason. Thank You!

Katherine Fisher Shaw

Union Bridge

Biden’s views on abortion ever-changing

Concerning Christian values in this election, the elephant in the room is Roe v. Wade. Nobody is talking about the 60 million-plus innocent human lives destroyed by that decision, and the families suffering because of it. We may wring our hands over poverty, racism, homophobia and anything else one may care to add to the list, but the denial of life to the most innocent and voiceless is our greatest tragedy. Our worst criminals are treated more fairly, with greater compassion than the victims of abortion.

Now, Joe Biden purporting to be a Catholic, has advertised himself as favoring abortion at any stage of the baby’s development, even after delivery. His position has devolved from pro-life — having voted in 1976 for the Hyde Amendment, continuing on to 1982 with his vote for a constitutional amendment which would have allowed states to overturn Roe, and several votes,1995 to 2003, to ban partial birth abortion — to pro-death.

One may wonder what brought about such an about face on such a vital issue? Why, in 2008, Biden was chosen to run for the vice presidency with Barack Obama. The candidate now states, along with his own running mate, that he supports abortion. Can it be that he caved to ambition and political expediency? Is this the man you want to occupy the Oval Office?

Maria DeCesare



Remember, united we stand

It’s time for our political leaders to set aside partisanship and work for our greater good.

I hope our new President, whether he is a Republican or a Democrat, will try to gather all the tethered fibers that divide our country and mend all the frayed seams that have created animosity during the pre-voting season.

Remember, we are the United States of America, so please work to unite us all.

“United we stand, divided we fall!”

G. Stricklin, R.N.



Vote with your heart

In these times of misinformation swirling around our heads, my message to voters is: Vote with your heart. It will lead you to the right choice.

Ed Kalogeros

Newberry, Massachusetts