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Editor’s Note: Mail-in ballots are now being accepted, drop-off boxes are open at several sites across the county, early voting begins Oct. 26 and Election Day is Nov. 3. The Times will publish letters to the editor endorsing candidates (one per writer) through Oct. 26, as space allows.

What happens when Trump won’t concede?

We have arrived on the doorstep of yet another incredibly consequential presidential election. Unlike previous votes that we have cast as a nation, this one is particularly existential. But it’s not Election Day (or Election Week) that I am worried about.


The time to convince people who to vote for in this election has long since passed, if it ever really existed. If this year alone has not been enough for you to reject Donald Trump, there is simply nothing that would make you reject him. As if his own words and actions were not enough to turn anyone away, I have personally used all of the words I can in my arsenal to reason with people that I know who remain supporters of the president.

You have to eventually come to the sad conclusion that some people cannot be reasoned with. The cult of personality and complete dissociation from reality that his supporters have is genuinely frightening, and it’s playing itself out right in front of our faces.


Anyone who thinks that if Joe Biden has more electoral votes than Donald Trump once the votes are counted that the president is just going to leave office is either naive or kidding themselves. And Democrats haven’t really had an answer for what happens if that is the case.

The president and his supporters have been laying the groundwork since prior to the 2016 election to reject the results of any election if they are not in the president’s favor. The phony arguments about voter fraud and bogus ballots have been fired up for years now. This is alongside the blatant voter suppression campaign waged by some GOP governors and operatives across the country.

At this point, Trump is very unlikely to win the popular vote and probably is careening toward losing the electoral vote by a decent margin. He will challenge the results of the election if he is not declared the winner, no matter the size or scale of his defeat.

So what’s the plan for that eventuality? The wake of the election seems likely to produce an ending as horrifying as the rest of 2020, and we all better be ready for that.

Zachary Hands


Concerned about COVID-19

Yup, [columnist] Frank Batavick. Thanks for voting. Me, too. Similar to you, I  stare at the Carroll County Times on the front porch. I finally blink, sigh, bend down and pick it up. I remove it from the plastic bag,  drag myself into the house and wash my hands before sitting down for breakfast and espresso. There, I only glance at the national news. I shutter at the increasing local COVID-19 positive [tests]. Two local deaths in as many days [last week] alarms me.

I can hardly begin to imagine how many relatives of the 220,000 deaths in our US of A are left with broken hearts because, since February, Trump, Pence and the other of Trump’s good ol’ boys have muzzled scientists like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Most of all, I worry about my grandson and all the naturally exuberant kids and teachers heading to the classroom and then returning home to their families.

Thank God we can still find diversion these next two weeks in the sports section, the comics and, yes, with everyone’s Dear Amy who provides reasoned, calming answers to at least some of life’s calamities.

See you on the other side, old boy ... if there is one these next four years.

John D. Witiak


Union Bridge

Vote shows Hogan to be spineless

Larry Hogan writing in Ronald Reagan for president is the cowardly icing on top of the cake for his almost 8 years in office. Hogan writing in a deceased, and term limited, person in for president is just another example of Hogan acting spineless in the face of the Republican establishment, that he is very much a part of.

Hogan will leave office to “pursue” the office of the presidency with no memorable policy achievements, a rail line to nowhere, public schools worse off than when he started, controversial payouts to administration officials and eight years of headlines that don’t tell the whole story of his administration.

He will be aided by the fact that Maryland can run itself and can make a blundering, corporate real estate developer look like a moderate in the eyes of suburbia.

Zack Wolfe


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