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Editor’s Note: Mail-in ballots are now being accepted, drop-off boxes are open at several sites across the county, early voting begins Oct. 26 and Election Day is Nov. 3. The Times will publish letters to the editor endorsing candidates (one per writer) through Oct. 26, as space allows.

Titus serves community honorably

Politics. Why do they turn so personal when we should be focusing on the best candidates for certain jobs. If you believe you have firm ground to stand on and objective proof that a candidate is morally objectionable, so be it and everyone has a right and duty to voice that opinion on Election Day by casting a ballot. I always try to compare candidates based on their records of service to the community, societal involvement and character Why is then that some individuals running for office tend to attempt to smear their opponents with the negative, in lieu of propping themselves up with positivity and displays of deeds and services they have performed or offered for the greater good?


The intent of this opinion letter is to show my support for Judge Richard Titus, who I believe to be a man of high character, social conscience, community service, and outstanding record. I have known Judge Titus and his family for close to 20 years and would never think twice about questioning his morals or the intent of his actions. Meanwhile, some seem to want to tear him down before the public as we near the deadline of Election Day.

Judge Titus has been involved for many years with local recreational and high school sports. Case in point, even though his children have graduated from college and beyond at this point, he still volunteers his time on Friday nights to become the Voice of the Owls at Ruby Field. This is a voluntary public service he provides helping him to be a part of the fabric that helps hold it all together – not split it apart.


In conclusion, I wholeheartedly support Judge Richard Titus as he seeks election for Circuit Court judge on Nov. 3 and I feel he serves our community honorably in multiple capacities.

Terry Molloy


Trump? What about Dems' misdeeds?

Orange Man “Bad!” We hear that repeatedly, despite the fact that under the Trump Administration we saw the lowest poverty rate ever in our country’s history, according to the New York Times (Sept. 15). And, energy independence resulted in $2.15 per gallon for gas instead of $4 per gallon under Obama.

However, we never hear how bad the Democrats have been throughout our country’s history, and nothing affirms that better than the KKK. Like Antifa and BLM, they used terror to instill fear while serving the interests of the Democrat Party; who opposed abolishing slavery, and granting Blacks citizenship and voting rights.

Remember Chappaquiddick? Ted Kennedy ran his car off a bridge into a pond. He escaped; his trapped passenger died in the car. Teddy didn’t report the accident for 10 hours, as he charted a course to save his political career. Punishment? Loss of license and two months' probation. Suspended!

Bill Clinton was accused of rape in 1978, sexual assault in 1980, exposing himself/sexual harassment in 1991, groping without consent in 1993 and having an affair with an intern in 1998. All five women were publicly demonized, compliments of the mainstream media.

Clinton’s escapades didn’t stop. Flight log records verify he traveled to “Orgy Island” with Jeffrey Epstein several times … an Island where underage girls were used as sex objects. Epstein was indicted on sex trafficking charges, but conveniently “committed suicide,” dying before justice could be brought to others involved. The Democrat media swept it under the rug.

Sen. Robert Menendez was charged with 12 counts of corruption, six counts of bribery and three of fraud. A hung jury resulted in charges being dropped.

FBI Corruption. Hillary Clinton, who reportedly smashed her cell phones and deleted thousands of subpoenaed emails got away with destroying evidence.

Many Democrat supporters have suggested violence: Madonna proposing blowing up the White House; Peter Fonda wanting the president’s son kidnapped by pedophiles; Kathy Griffin displaying a Trump severed head; Snoop Dogg mocking possible presidential execution and Eric Holder, ‘kick them when they’re down’!

Actual violence has been clearly evident: The Steve Scalise shooting; cities burning, police attacked, blinded and shot, citizens' daily activities impeded, and/or attacked by Democrat supporters. Why would anybody want Democrats controlling our country?


Diane Stuller

New Windsor

Democrats headed for disappointment

I literally laughed out loud upon reading Neil Ridgely’s Oct. 13 Community Voices column [“Biden-Harris will listen to science, restore dignity, govern in the best interest of all (without tweeting)”]. It is clear to anyone with functioning eyes and ears that poor, confused Joe Biden is not functional enough or fit enough to endure the rigors of the office of the president of the United States.

Opinion pieces like this one, along with poorly executed polls, and biased reporting bode ill for the Democratic Party. Wishful thinking and misrepresentations lead only to disappointment and failure. I recommend the op-ed that appeared above the fold on the Oct. 13 Opinion page by Rick Blatchford (“Listen to the doom and gloom whenever the left speaks”) to anyone who wants a realistic assessment of the current presidential race.

Susan F. Keller


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