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Editor’s Note: Mail-in ballots are now being accepted, drop-off boxes are open at several sites across the county, early voting begins Oct. 26 and Election Day is Nov. 3. The Times will publish letters to the editor endorsing candidates (one per writer) through Oct. 26, as space allows.

How can a follower of Jesus support Trump?

Prior to the election of 2016, and now with 2020′s election coming up, I could never understand how Christians in Nazi Germany or Confederates who used Bible verses to support slavery justified their beliefs. Myles Stanley, in his letter to the editor of Monday, Oct. 12,  eloquently stated, “The citizens of Nazi Germany and the Confederacy were mostly church going Jesus followers and probably believed they were moral and doing God’s will.”  He finished with “How is it possible for a Christian leader or a follower of Jesus to be a Democrat?”


Let me explain how this follower of Jesus finds it possible to vote for a Democrat. I am voting for Joe Biden for the following reasons:

1. As politicians go, he seems to be relatively decent, unlike our current president, who thinks it is OK to put small children in cages, called war hero John McCain a “loser,”  allegedly has no concept of what it means to serve and die for one’s country in the military, belittles Gold Star families, and engages in activities that his own medical experts have deemed superspreader events.


2. At least Biden is willing to admit he has made mistakes, unlike Trump, who has yet to admit any.

3. Biden has promised to follow evidence-based recommendations for dealing with the pandemic.

4. Biden supports health care measures that lower abortion rates — access to contraceptives, pre- and post-natal care, and health care throughout the life span. My pro-life stance is more nuanced than most due to my experience in the 1990s as a missionary and volunteer counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Nairobi, Kenya, where abortion is (still) illegal and desperate women seek out back-street abortionists. My job was to encourage them to keep their unborn baby. Their stories were heart-wrenching. Especially since those who kept their child usually faced loss of education, unemployment, and homelessness. Today, offering ongoing help to women who wish to keep their child makes far more sense to me than reversing Roe v Wade.

When the Republican party puts up candidates who offer affordable health care options for the entire lifespan of their constituents, then I will happily vote for that person. But I cannot and will not vote for a leader who has shown he is unfit for the job.

So my question to Mr. Stanley today is, "How is it possible for a Christian leader or a follower of Jesus to be a Republican supporting President Trump?

Stephnie Thomas


Kudos to CCPS, reelect Herbert and Sivigny

Last spring, my son (10 years old) and daughter (8 years old) went from attending classes at Spring Garden Elementary School in-person every day to suddenly receiving virtual learning from our kitchen table. Although the school system and teachers tried their hardest, there were several hiccups and problems.

As the new school year was about to start up last month, my husband and I were worried how smooth things were going to go. I am happy to report that virtual school kicked off without any headaches and the kids absolutely loved being engaged with their teachers and their peers once again.

Our children have been able to complete their independent work with zero issues and were comfortable with asking their teachers questions through the computer. Our son liked it so much that he said he would like to receive virtual learning half of the week and be in the actual classroom for the other half. This scenario is perfect because beginning next week, Carroll County Public Schools will begin sending kids back to school for two days and they will receive virtual education the other three days of the week. I know that our children are excited for this new hybrid schedule!

To all of the teachers, administrators, and staff, thank you for taking the time and effort to work out all of the kinks and make virtual learning a success this school year!

Of course, none of this could have been possible without the leadership of the Board of Education and especially members Marsha Herbert and Donna Sivigny. Since the pandemic started, Herbert and Sivigny have had to make some tough decisions but they have always done what is best for students. Please join me in re-electing Marsha Herbert and Dona Sivigny in November for four more years.


Rachel Tomlinson


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