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Editor’s Note: Mail-in ballots are now being accepted, drop-off boxes are open at several sites across the county, early voting begins Oct. 26 and Election Day is Nov. 3. The Times will publish letters to the editor endorsing candidates (one per writer) through Oct. 26, as space allows.

Titus ‘best choice’ for Circuit Court judge

The 2020 General Election has been touted by many as the most significant election in our nation’s history. That indeed may be the case given the issues facing our country. But even with much attention being placed on state and national contests, the importance of local contests cannot be overlooked.


In one such local contest this coming November, Carroll County voters have the fortunate opportunity to affirm Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s appointment of Richard Titus as a Judge of the Carroll County Circuit Court. The very fact that Titus has twice been appointed by the governor suggests that Titus possesses the qualities, values, and legal expertise needed to be a judge of the Carroll County Circuit Court.

Having known Judge Titus and his wife for many years, I can attest to his care, compassion and understanding of the legal needs of his clients. I can also unequivocally state that Judge Titus is a person of high moral standards. Ultimately, however, it is his knowledge of the law, his respect for the law, and his desire to carry out the law fairly and without bias that make him the best choice for judge of the Carroll County Circuit Court.


The Rev. Jimmie L. Schwartz

Ellicott City

‘Outstanding person,’ Morton endorsed for judge

I really appreciate the opportunity to voice my insights.

I have worked in a job being in the Carroll County courts for six years. It has been rewarding working with, and watching, Laura Morton represent so many people. She has great insight and understanding that jail time is necessary or that a person may be able to return to the community with community resources. When returning people to the community, she is knowledgeable about resoures in the community. I worked helping people with serious mental illnesses and she knew to rely on my help when needed. She knows how to put together the whole needs of the person.

A lot of other judges do not see the whole picture. I see her as an outstanding person to be a judge here in the Carroll County Circuit Court. Please vote for her.

Carol Carr-Meinecke


Why Times columnists never mention Biden

America, let not your heart be trouble. Drive through any countryside (as I did recently) in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, etc. and Trump signs are rampant. That is all I saw posted on farms, stores, houses, and on vacant lots as far as the eye could see. I did see one Biden sign in front of the local Democratic headquarters.

Do not be fooled by the rhetoric of the two weekly columnists on the Opinion page of the Times, the one educator and the one ex-county commissioner who ... was a RINO. Talk about strong values and moral turpitude. They fail to mention Biden and the reason is obvious. He has nothing to offer this country but to stop the great progress Trump has made.

Biden favors: 1. defund the police, 2. support BLM over anything else, 3. socialism, 4. free education, 5. higher taxes, 6. and the list goes on. No wonder the opinion writers fail to mention Biden, only their hatred of our duly elected president.

They even blame Trump for the Chinese virus. This is all they’ve got, sad but true.

Harry H. Griffith



Praise for county election process

I’d like to commend our governor as well as our local government first for fulfilling requests for mail-in ballots and second, for providing secure drop boxes at convenient locations all over this county. I got the ballot, filled it out and dropped it at the Board of Elections building on S. Center Street.

This took a big load off my mind. Thanks to all who made this possible.

Dee Krasnansky


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