Letters: Montgomery County an unsafe sanctuary; Eldersburg library garden to be missed; vote Democrat in next presidential election

Unsafe sanctuary, false promises and ‘the equal sharing of misery’

I have a question for my House of Representatives representative, Jamie Raskin, D-District 8. Is the migrant community safer since Montgomery County was designated with sanctuary status? If so, what about the recent eight or more sexual assaults and rapes by migrants recently? Does he believe that migrants in non-sanctuary communities are also being raped and it’s not being reported? That is the argument for having sanctuary cities or communities and would mean that there are vast numbers of unreported victims in these migrant communities.

Also, the Democrat House of Representatives members who were elected in districts where President Trump won should be recalled since they are not legislating as they promised to get elected. Republicans should start recall votes in these districts based on the false promises these members made that they would work on legislation and not investigation.


Trump is trying to keep his promises but the permanent bureaucracy (deep state) is obstructing our democratically elected president. Thank God Trump was elected. If you agree with me please wear your Trump gear over this Thanksgiving weekend. Especially to the games. Many Trump supporters fear showing support since Democrats like Maxine Waters have called for confrontation of Trump supporters and many people have been assaulted when wearing their gear. It will be interesting to see how the networks avoid showing all the Trump support at the games. We know if it were for Obama it would be promoted by the government, businesses and media. The double standards are obvious at every level.

The 2020 elections should be a landslide for Republicans since most Americans know that socialism is not about policies but about culture. This means the socialist government becomes the determiner of right and wrong in society. To do this it strives to eliminate religion and family. The Cultural Revolution of China is a good example but you can see it in many of the other once free and prosperous countries that were duped by the socialists. Older Americans are more aware of this since they haven’t been as indoctrinated as the younger ones in the government schools to believe things like there are more than two sexes and human life doesn’t begin at conception. Winston Churchill described it well when he said,"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy" and "the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.”


Myles Stanley


Native plant garden at Eldersburg library will be missed

Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone." As it is with the former model habitat garden that graced the front of the Eldersburg branch of the Carroll County Public Library for many years. A few months ago it was leveled to replace and update a problem drainage system.

Although the garden site has been replanted by county maintenance, it is not likely to compare to the previous multi-faceted garden. I remain grateful to the Carroll County Master Gardeners that enlisted Bay Wise principles when they volunteered numerous hours to create, plant, tend, maintain, and use this small, but highly visible space as a demonstration native plant garden. I appreciate that the Master Gardeners provided multi-tiered plantings to attract various birds, host plants for wildlife, and pleasing architectural shrubs and trees for four-season interest. In addition, the Master Gardeners periodically organized informal outreach programs to educate community members on the benefits of planting low-maintenance, drought-tolerant indigenous plants that support wildlife.

This industrious group gave the patrons of the library and community a wonderful sample of inspiration, motivation, and guidelines of what we all should be doing as gardeners. The county maintenance, not so much.

Jane Slade


The author is a Baltimore County Master Gardener, formerly of Carroll County.

A call to vote Democrat in next presidential election

In response to the article written by Richard E. Eiwen, it sounds like he is a closet Republican and not a supposedly committed Democrat. Because it is of the utmost importance that the clown in the White House not be re-elected we must vote for whomever is the Democratic candidate. If people stay home from the poles on Election Day because their personal favorite did not win the nomination, then they are playing right into the hands of the manipulator in chief. Vote sir, in both the primary election to give your favorite candidate your support, and most definitely in the general election to guarantee that Trump not be allowed to further destroy our country. I will most certainly vote for whomever is the Democratic candidate and I urge all Democrats, Independents, and discouraged Republicans to do the same.

Linda Murray


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