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Letters: Endorsements from Tri-District Republican Club; Wishes cable company had local office | READER COMMENTARY

Editor’s Note: Mail-in ballots are now being accepted, drop-off boxes are open at several sites across the county, early voting begins Oct. 26 and Election Day is Nov. 3. The Times will publish letters to the editor endorsing candidates (one per writer) through Oct. 26, as space allows.

Endorsements from Tri-District Republican Club

The Tri-District Republican Club endorses the following candidates and urges all voters to cast their vote for these outstanding individuals: Gregory Coll, Congressional District 8; Rep. Andy Harris, Congressional District 1; Neil Parrot, Congressional District 6; Judge Richard Titus, Circuit Court Judge; Marsha Herbert and Donna Sivigny, Board of Education; and we wholeheartedly endorse our strong and successful president, Donald J. Trump, for reelection.


Tri-District Republican Club members have had an opportunity to get to know these outstanding candidates, having hosted several of them at our meetings and events.

Coll is an intelligent, hardworking individual with exceptional professional experience and is highly qualified. Parrott is one of the few delegates in Maryland that have gone to battle with the state to protect your rights and he’ll continue to fight for us as a member of the House of Representatives. Harris is an unflinching stalwart for good government throughout his career. Titus is a respected lawyer and judge and we need his rational thought on the bench. Sivigny and Herbert excellently represent parent and taxpayer interests on the Board of Education.


Trump has not failed for a single moment to put the interests of the United States first in every action he has undertaken. His success rolling back regulations ushered in the most productive period in American history with the lowest unemployment in all sectors ever seen. The American economy boomed under Trump until the Chinese virus shut down the world economy and stalled this great economic expansion. But the economy has already started a rebound and will soon be back on track. His foreign policy has been a huge success. He recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, brought peace accords to the Middle East, and was nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The purpose of government is not to give us things or tell us how to live. The purpose of government is to protect our God given rights, as outlined in the Declaration and the Constitution. These candidates understand that role. In these tumultuous times we need leaders willing to lead; to stand strong and protect the citizenry from those who would do harm; and to keep the restraints on government so it protects, not threatens, the citizenry.

Please vote in person to protect your vote!

Kathy Fuller

The author is the Tri-District Republican Club of North Carroll corresponding secretary.

Wishes cable company had local office

My remote recently lost the Mute, Volume Control, and Power functions. There are no voice commands for any of these so my TV is too loud and I cannot turn it off or mute it when the phone rings.

Knowing that I no longer had the option of driving to Westminster and exchanging the broken one for a new one I logged into the Comcast account.  The first thing that always happens when I do that is I am prompted to complete my profile which is already as complete as it is ever going to be. I do not have a cell phone and I never will. My confidence in trusting them with banking or credit card information is at zero. Thus I will never go paperless and I will never give them credit card information.

After looking for a simple box to check that says send me a new remote control I had to engage a chat box to try to resolve the issue. First up was Lavima, who took 18 minutes to establish the problem and verify my account … whoops, connection with Lavima is lost! Start all over again with Manpreet. 


Manpreet was not the problem and did his best to work with this very broken system. The first thing Manpreet wanted to do was to send me to Frederick or Owings Mills. Out of the question during a pandemic. Next up began a process of sending me a new remote, which I needed to approve. The approval email and link arrived just fine. The link required the credit card information which I already stated they will never get. Five more attempts to send me emails for signing off on the request without credit card information all failed.  Manpreet called in his supervisor and after 1 hour, 22 minutes they are sending me a new remote. Had they not been allowed to close the Westminster office I could have driven there in 20 minutes had the new remote and been back home 20 minutes later.

When I retired in 2004 my time was worth $65/hour. You can do the math and see that this transaction was very costly both to me and Comcast. I would highly suggest the county look to alternatives to this company.

Steven Davidson

New Windsor