Lacking strong candidate, Dems will turn to familiar face

Here we are just short of 14 months before the election and the closest any of the Times’ left-leaning [columnists] has come to an endorsement for any of the Democratic candidates is very tepid support shown for Joe Biden by John Culleton. I have to wonder if there is any logical explanation for that, other than the very real possibility that not one of the many, many candidates merit full-throated praise on these opinion pages.

The top three, at this point, who seem to be distancing themselves from the field offer very little, i.e., Biden, who continues to have difficulty putting two coherent sentences together and thus seems to be a 10-watt bulb in a 60-watt pack.


Of course we all know how genuine Elizabeth Warren is in that she lied on her resume to get a professorship given to a “minority” at Harvard. Recently, she invited reporters into her home and during the interview announced to all, “I think I’m gonna go have me a beer.” Really?

Finally, avowed socialist Bernie Sanders is running third and never seems to run out of ways to spend other people’s money. Furthermore, the closest thing to a real job Mr. Sanders ever had was as a part-time carpenter in his younger years.

Oprah certainly isn’t going to run, if for no other reason than she probably doesn’t want to take a pay cut. Michelle Obama has been mentioned, but she will be spending time attending to her family’s new multi-million dollar property on Martha’s Vineyards. I have to give the Obamas a lot of credit given the fact that climate change is going to completely obliterate their property, as well as the entire Kennedy compound, in the next 12 years. No one ever said the Obamas weren’t risk-takers.

Finally, I have a prediction. Over the next few months, the war rooms of the Democratic party will come to the conclusion that none of the current crop of candidates has any chance of beating Donald Trump in 2020. Thus, they will humbly go to the Hamptons on bended knee to plead with Lady Macbeth, aka, Hillary Clinton, to pull herself out of her rocking chair and save the party and the nation from four more years of a booming economy. She, of course will reluctantly agree.

You heard it here first.

Dave Price


Belle Fringer not just columnist’s hero

Like columnist Kevin Dayhoff, I also have a good memory of Belle Fringer. While in a small Army PX in Europe in 1964, a most pleasant lady approached my wife and me and indicated that she could not help but overhear some reference to Maryland. She shared that she was from Carroll County.

We quickly established that, not only were we all from Carroll County, that I knew her son, Jack Fringer, from my Western Maryland College days, but also that she was a good friend of my mother who also was a teacher in the Carroll County Public School System. She was especially delighted that she would be able to share, on her return home, that she had seen my mother’s first grandchild before she did. During our visit we learned, as documented in Dayhoof’s column that she had just visited her husband’s grave in Luxembourg.

For me, a very young Army officer, and my wife, Betty, it was both a great honor and a humbling experience to have the opportunity to share with the widow of a military hero from my home County. She is, thus, also our hero.

George Thomas


More women on Opinion page appreciated

As an old guy, I want to say how refreshing it is that more and more Carroll County women are expressing their views on the Carroll County Times Opinion page. Women, after all, represent the majority of Carroll County residents and we all need to hear what they have to say.

I look forward to women not only writing more letters to the editor, but also writing more op-ed columns about issues facing all Carroll countians.


John Witiak

Union Bridge