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Dems encourage rioting, Marxism, coronavirus lies

An Internet post from a true-blue Democrat. “Truth be told, this kind of violence never happened under an Obama/Biden administration. There weren’t riots and vigilantes in the streets killing people. We didn’t see Black men brazenly beaten and killed in broad daylight. We didn’t see white supremacists marching through the streets with torches and AR-15s. More than 180,000 Americans didn’t die from a virus. Fact is, we were a helluva lot safer before Donald Trump took office.”

That’s Democrat garbage. Here is actual truth.


There was no rioting under Obama/Biden because these rioters are the Democrat Party base, and they would not riot against their own president. When they lost in 2016 the Democrat Party immediately declared a state of “resistance” but their many false accusations and impeachment have failed. They are desperate for power. Their candidate is a failing old man and they have embraced Bernie Sanders' communist platform because they need his voters.

A Black Lives Matter founder stated on camera they are trained Marxist organizers. BLM’s communist blackshirts are rioting now in Democrat-run cities because the Democrat mayors must be part of the resistance and dare not stop them. They think the voters are stupid and will blame Trump for the riots. Many of the Black men killed by police were criminals resisting arrest. They are not heroes. Why are the thousands of innocent Blacks killed by Black criminals in our inner cities never mentioned? Don’t they matter? Where is BLM? They want to defund the police and more innocent Blacks will be killed! 


There was one march in Virginia for the Second Amendment. Yes they carried guns. No torches. There was no violence because conservatives are not violent, and violent Democrat blackshirts stayed away because they knew these conservatives were ready for them.

Correct, 180,000 Americans did not die from the virus. The number was fake. The truth is — the media who have screamed these false stories from the rooftops are part of the resistance, fake news teams who have fed you these Democrat Party lies.

So do you hate Trump so much you are going to vote for the Democrat Party BLM Communists burning down your Democrat-run cities? Do you really want to be ruled by these kinds of people? Aren’t you insulted that the Democrat Party thinks you are so stupid?

James Judge


Teacher humbled by valuable lessons learned

Teachers often see “teachable moments” and lessons in everyday events both large and small … we can’t help it, we are wired for “instruction.” So it was no surprise that the first days of virtual learning provided many valuable lessons — only these were delivered by my students to me.

After an intense summer of webinars, trainings designed to master the tools of online teaching, hopes were high for a smooth, seamless rollout of material adapted for virtual platforms. But for every meticulously crafted and flawlessly delivered virtual lesson, someone somewhere was encountering the sudden and dreaded technology glitch. Colleagues scrambled to provide fixes and share them with each other.

Through it all, students, for the most part, were patient and understanding, offering support, (sometimes even tech support!) with one student rewarding his teacher with a “Good job!” and thumbs up when the slide deck displayed the video as planned and the sound worked! As we peered at each other through screens, the small faces in those grids showed enthusiasm and engagement, happy to be back at school, even through the distance. That human connection was the spark that reminded a teacher why she loves the job.

Witnessing how families are adapting, sacrificing and making the best of a situation nobody asked for or wants, and the lengths families are willing to stretch and bend to support their children is inspiring. Families have partnered with teachers and administrators with fierce dedication, working together to find creative ways to help kids.

When we can finally look back on this, I will remember the compassion my students showed me as I tried to provide the best for them while continuing to build my own capacity to serve them better. I will remember the greater empathy I gained for their struggles as learners, and the joy of accomplishment when mastering something new and challenging. I will remind myself that a sense of humor and a “Big Picture” perspective helps. I will remember how my students — my teachers — humbled me with the valuable lessons they taught.

Terry Greenberg



Faith restored with help of 3 kind people

It’s so easy to get disillusioned about people when you watch the news on TV — people killing others, all the revolts in major cities, people attacking police officers,etc. But on Wednesday of this week, I saw another side of people that restored my faith in humankind. 

I’m a 70-year-old woman and I took a very bad fall in Boscov’s parking lot. I was carrying a very large bag and I have a bad back. I almost made it to my car when I fell face down. All of a sudden, I heard 3 voices yelling, “Do you need help?”

Three kind people came over to me — one lady and a couple. One lady was a nurse at Johns Hopkins! She insisted on calling an ambulance since I was bleeding from my head. They all stayed with me until the ambulance was there and they knew I was in good hands. (I also want to thank the two EMTs who were so kind.)

I ended up losing a front tooth and had a lot of scrapes and bruises. But it was worth it to see these wonderful strangers take the time to help me in my time of need. I really don’t know what I would have done without them. I hope this is published and these helpful people read it so they know how much I appreciate them.  And how they restored my faith in people once again. 

I would hope everyone would be so kind in this situation or any other where someone needed help. It would be a better world if we could just be kind and caring  to one another.

Sue Albaugh


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