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Letters: Resident opposes Reese area rezoning; Family says no thanks to Whittaker Chambers monument; Wants a president who tells the truth | READER COMMENTARY

Resident opposes Reese Road rezoning

I write to voice my opinion regarding the topic of rezoning the 170-acre parcel near Reese Road/Nadines Court area from conservation to heavy industrial.

I’ve lived in Carroll County my entire life and my wife and I have lived on Nadines Court for the last 9 years. Despite being located only several miles from a landfill and a similar distance to a firearm range we have still found it to be a peaceful community. Seemingly plenty of wooded acres between us to buffer the shrill from dump truck back up sirens and the gunfire. We still hear it but have grown accustomed to it and sometimes don’t even notice it. In fact, I almost forget about it as I hear a barred owl calling out at night or see several small herds of deer roam through our backyard at predictable times throughout the day.


I often worry about our ground water and wells being so close to a landfill. Particularly being a healthcare provider at Carroll Hospital Center and having two close friends die of cancer at young ages over the last several years. I insisted on a reverse osmosis filter being installed when we moved in but I suspect that not all surrounding houses have this feature. I wonder if I am kidding myself, thinking that this will suffice.

When we chose this neighborhood, people would politely ask “Why would you want to live so close to a dump and a gun range?” I always joked it off saying, “there’s a nice buffer of land zoned conservation between us, how could we be punished any further!”


However, it turns out that I am incorrect. We can be further punished by a rezoning maneuver that would further increase the noise, reduce woods for the wildlife to roam and potentially worsen pollution to our groundwater.

Reese road is a windy, narrow road. I am certain that everyone in our community has had a close call or even hit a deer/fox/raccoon while traveling that road. My sons call me the “squirrel killer” after I inadvertently hit two of them on the same day. That will certainly worsen when their space to roam is further reduced.

I write to advocate spreading the wealth instead of completing the trifecta of undesirable things (that no one wants to live near) directly in our backyard.

Scott Morsberger


Family says no thanks to Chambers monument

Maryland State Senators Justin Ready (R-District 5) and Michael Hough (R-District 4) recently announced their intent to submit the name of Whittaker Chambers (our grandfather) for a proposed National Garden of American Heroes in South Dakota.

Thank you, Senators, for your high esteem for Whittaker Chambers, but we request that you withdraw his name.

Whittaker Chambers sought a simple life of farming the Pipe Creek Farm. He was a Quaker. His beliefs ran toward austerity and self-effacement. Quaker meeting houses stand unadorned, without monuments or statues. He would not have liked such fanfare.


The best way to remember our grandfather is to read his books. They are his memoir Witness (1952) and his later writings in Cold Friday (1964). Rather than a monument, he left testimony to read.

As President Ronald Reagan said, when posthumously presenting the Medal of Freedom to him in 1984, “The witness is gone; the testimony will stand.”

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Wants a president who tells the truth

As a veteran and vice president of the American Federation State County and Municipal Employees Retiree Chapter 1 of Maryland and the Maryland and DC Chapter Alliance for Retired Americans, I say let freedom ring loud and clear.

I want to live in a democracy with people eligible to elect their leaders and the right to join a union. I am 85 years old in do not want to die in a totalitarian government like Russia and China or North Korea.


We need a president that will tell the country the truth. We need to build this country up so other counties will look up to us again and have a leader that other leaders do not laugh at and where health care is not fake or hoax.

William Stevens