Quick executions needed to curb murder rate

All of our states and the federal government need to bring back the death penalty. There are murders, mass shootings being committed daily across our country. There are children, women, men, police, EMTs and many other being murdered everyday that must be dealt with.

When someone is accused with murder and found guilty of murder, they should have 90 days to appeal their verdict. If not, they should be executed within 10 days later. They [shouldn’t] have the privilege of going to prison for 20 years to life, getting sex changes or medical life saving transfers that people have been waiting for years for. Who pays for all of this? We do, the taxpayers.


Our states and federal governments have to get up off of their dead rears and take responsibility to something different and get the job done now, not wait 10 years from now.

When the execution takes place it should be carried out in the same manner that the murders were committed. If done, the murder rate in the great USA would collapse (thank God).

William E. Hickey

Littlestown, Pennsylvania

When is America going to be great again?

I’m still waiting for Trump to Make America Great Again. When is that supposed to happen?

Many things have made America great since her founding. As former President Ronald Reagan expressed so eloquently, we were supposed to be a shining city on a hill. We’ve had our faults, some of them unconscionable, but we’ve also had moments of stunning heroism and generosity. We’ve been a strong voice for democracy, freedom, and human rights in the world.

What I see under the Trump presidency is America turning her back on all the things that once made us great. No longer welcoming of those less fortunate than us, Trump wants to put up barriers to keep as many people out as possible. No longer interested in democracy, he and his party strong-arm the American people into following their agenda and shut out opposition. No longer interested in freedom, Trump follows the playbook of dictators, and his party supports him.

I’m starting to think the greatness he promises is an America that looks and acts just like Russia. Is that really who we want to be? So much for the shining city on the hill.

Judy Hake

Union Bridge

Appreciative of help from special people

I would like to thank the three men who came to my aid at the Giant parking lot on Thursday, Aug. 29. (Two were customers and one, an employee.)

I found myself locked out of my car, after having put all my belongings into the vehicle.

After some smart thinking, they were able to retrieve my keys from inside by hooking them with a coat hanger. It’s so great that special people are put in our path at the right time and place.

Betty King



Why no vote on prayer lawsuit?

This [county commissioner-led] prayer lawsuit thing has upset a lot of people. Why can’t we vote on this issue? Why can’t people contribute to carry the lawsuit on? Just a thought.

Walter William Pallack