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Father loved Marine Corps, was not a loser

My father loved the Marine Corps. He served in the South Pacific during WWII. When I contracted polio in 1946, he made the difficult decision not to re-enlist. My medical treatment required staying in one place.

For over 40 years he worked in a factory, while supporting veterans' issues through membership in the VFW. At one point, he was elected commander of his local post — an honor he cherished. He died in 2009 at age 91.


The current commander-in-chief disdains individuals like my father. Not only for my father’s commitment to military service, but also because my father was working class. My dad did not make a fortune working at a factory. He was committed to doing a job well, a laborer who helped build the American economy. He knew the difference between being respected and being a prop. He knew what BS stood for.

My father did not need to be drafted. He enlisted in the Corps when country called. Had his father been able to buy him five draft deferments for bone spurs, he would have enlisted anyway — because he was a child of immigrants, grateful to be an American.


My father respected those who served, grieved for those who died, were MIA, or POWs. And wounded soldiers (in body or soul) he honored for giving, literally, a part of themselves in love of County.

He knew those who mocked or were disgusted by disability, were themselves weak, cowardly, empty souls — the real losers.

My father loved the Marine Corps.

Marilynn J. Phillips


Tired, too ... but of the left

In response to John Cavanagh’s statement of fatigue in his Aug. 24 Community Voices column (“Tired of COVID-19 and covfefe, nepotism and name-calling, bans and birtherism”), I’m tired, too.

I’m tired of career politicians. I’m tired of the disrespectful House speaker ripping up the president’s State of the Union address … qualified nominees to the Supreme Court being slanderously accused of misdeeds with no credible evidence … meritless impeachment hearings. I’m tired of pallets of U.S. cash being secretly flown overnight to Iran’s regime … thousands of Americans' mining and manufacturing jobs being lost to foreign powers …. America’s energy needs under foreign dependence.

I’m tired of 47 years of innocent little ones being torn from what should be the safety of their mothers' wombs. I’m tired of a California attorney general (now a VP candidate) ordering a raid on the home of a journalist investigating the sale of aborted baby parts by Planned Parenthood, the national chain store for abortions, and also a campaign contributor of her’s.

I’m tired of men dressing in clothes associated with the opposite sex participating in women’s track meets and entering girls locker rooms. I’m tired of the normalization of sodomy, and I am tired of being labeled a bigot because I oppose the normalization of sodomy.

Yes we’re all a bit tired these days Mr. Cavanagh, but a decaffeinated cup of “Joe” certainly is not the remedy.

Michael Hurley



Mail-in, absentee voting not the same

The Times recently printed an article claiming absentee voting and mail-in voting are one and the same. Not so. Absentee voting is a way for registered voters away from home and their polling places to vote. For example, the military and people working or traveling out of country. These registered voters must apply for a voting ballot and, if approved, one will be sent to them.

With mail-in voting, all registered voters are automatically mailed a request for a ballot (or with universal mail-in voting are sent a voting ballot). Many people on the existing voting rolls have died or have moved but they are still sent a ballot to an obsolete address. Anyone receiving or returning those ballots can now vote illegally.

Dirty rolls can mean dirty elections and the Republican party strongly opposes mail-in voting. The Democrat party, however, approves of mail-in voting.

Jim Hopkins


Doesn’t like columnist’s ‘slant’

[Regarding columnist] Tom Zripoli, are his articles just to sell papers? He is blaming the COVID-19 on Trump and all the trouble in this country on him. I have never seen a writer so slanted in my life. I am sure if Biden was president we would not have COVID-19 or the cops shooting black criminals. [Regarding] BLM, why don’t they stop all the killing in Democratic-run cities? Most killed are Black. Why doesn’t he talk about some of that?

Vincent Mercurio


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