Letters: Only one cure for Trump Scandal Fatigue; One convention informative, one a farce; Peace and love needed, not Trump | READER COMMENTARY

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Only one cure for Trump Scandal Fatigue

Like many, I’m suffering from Trump Scandal Fatigue (TSF). The biggest scandal is Trump’s historic failure to effectively manage the coronavirus pandemic and the economic collapse. Since February, Trump said the virus would miraculously disappear. The only thing going away are the lives of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, grandmothers, grandfathers, coworkers and friends.

Six million infected and over 185,000 gone and rapidly rising. Families shattered. Created by Trump’s indifference and incompetence. He is promising a vaccine and other questionable cures before the election. How is that for politicizing a pandemic and the science? The other thing disappearing are millions of American jobs and tens of thousands of small businesses. American carnage, Donald Trump’s America. Other scandals include:

  • Firing four inspector generals investigating the Trump administration for corruption.
  • Asking Great Britain to sponsor the British Open at his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland. Nothing like using the position of president to benefit your personal business.
  • Withholding release of funds to Ukraine to fight Russian aggression unless Ukraine fabricated dirt on Joe Biden. Trump was impeached for this. The Republican Senate did nothing to hold Trump accountable.
  • The New York District Attorney investigating the Trump Organization for bank and insurance fraud in addition to illegal election payoffs to Trump’s girlfriends.
  • Stopping construction of the new FBI building in Virginia. Trump wants it built at the old site in Washington, D.C. to prevent a new hotel from competing with his D.C. hotel.
  • The commutation of Roger Stone’s sentence because he refused to testify against Trump concerning his role in Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Trump is again counting on Russia to deliver the 2020 election to him.
  • Using Attorney General William Barr as his personal attorney, thereby placing a brick on the scales of justice. Punish your opponents, reward your friends.
  • Sabotaging the US Postal Service to delay mail-in votes for political gain, Good luck getting your medications, benefit checks and other mail in a timely manner.

As Americans, we’re once again called upon to defend the country against fascism and a petty, wannabe dictator. What’s the cure for TSF? Vote Early!

David J Iacono



One convention informative, one a farce

This is an extremely different year for me. I am 75 yo and I finally watched the total conventions for both parties — all eight nights.

Regarding the Democratic convention, I found it informative and professionally done. The party presented their agenda for the next four years and I finally saw the light at the end of a dismal tunnel. I particularly liked the delegate polling. It was nice to meet and hear the delegates without all the cacophony of a stadium. Vice President Biden did criticize Trump’s leadership but expressed hope and plans for a stronger future — a future where the world’s leaders are not laughing at us.

Regarding the Republican fiasco — the “convention” was essentially over Monday afternoon when the delegates named their candidate. The four nights were nothing more than false praises and lies about Trump. The party presented no agenda for the next four years. I guess they figured same-old, same-old was enough. I don’t!

Regarding Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, I am extremely bothered about his campaigning for Trump. I worked for the government for 13 years. I definitely could not campaign for any candidate —it was against the law! Pompeo said he was speaking as a private citizen. If that were true, why was he introduced as “Secretary of State” Pompeo? Also, why did the taxpayers have to cover the expenses. The next day, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said “Nobody outside the beltway really cares.” I live outside the beltway. I care! This is just another example of the Republican elite believing the law does not apply to them.

Finally, I was angry about the use of federal properties during Trump’s campaign. During the Democratic convention, at no time did Biden feel the need to use the people’s property to bolster his candidacy. Is Trump that scared of Biden he needs to use props for effect and showmanship?

If Biden is elected, the next four years will be a period of regrowth and mending fences. Neither Biden nor Harris will always be right. They will make mistakes. But the people will not suffer because of them. And Biden is strong enough to admit when he’s wrong. Something Trump is too cowardly to do.

Eileen Kowalski


Union Bridge

Peace and love needed, not Trump

We can’t have another four years of this disaster. I worry about Trump wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare. And him reversing environmental laws causing lung, heart and diabetes disease that will affect seniors and the young. They will not be able to afford the high cost of medications or the hospital.

So we know the Supreme Court will favor companies and not the workers or unions, they have proven that, and females [will lose] the right to choose and the LGBTQ community will see their rights eroded. What you vote for is what you get. We need peace and love.

William Stevens