Letters: If you’re going to be grateful, be honest; Left changes argument as Trump gains support

Diversity an asset on our farms, in our institutions

What did you eat for dinner last night? Where did that food come from? This summer I had the pleasure of taking two driving vacations. Historical sites, National parks, art galleries, as well as stops to see the weird wonders in various states (red and blue) along the way. Both road trips snaked through farmland. My husband and I have driven to or through all but 4 states. We have seen lots of farms.

That meal you ate last night had to find a way to get to your plate. When you selected what you ate did you make a choice based on whether a farmer chose to employ field workers that were documented or undocumented? Did you only eat food delivered by a truck driver belonging to a union? If you were at a restaurant did you investigate the politics of the manager? Who was working in the kitchen? How about the owner of the processing plant or mid-western farmer, did you investigate to see how they felt about abortion rights? Chances are the answer to all of these questions is, “no.” You ate a meal in America, made in America that took many American workers to finally arrive on your plate and nourish your body. Your existence depends on a country full of diversity. The next time you say grace before a meal, in addition to giving thanks to your god, how about including your gratitude to the different folks that helped make that meal possible? Imagine their faces, their hands, their hard earned dollars supporting their family.


Years ago I met with Richard Rothschild to share a meal and share our different points of view. I didn’t want either one of us to dismiss each other as an extremist, thus shutting off communication. At the end of our breakfast, Mr. Rothschild showed me a video celebrating Carroll County. The video highlighted our wonderful school system and award winning public library. I immediately complimented him on the video and agreed it was beautiful. In addition, I reminded him that the school system and public library are wonderful not because our county is a rural conservative area, but because of the folks employed there, folks that think like him and folks that think like me. Both institutions have made progress by instituting forward thinking change while respecting and celebrating their rural roots. If you are going to be grateful for our beautiful county and brag about the public institutions your tax dollars fund, be honest and acknowledge that those institutions enjoy their reputation because of a diversity of voices. They are not merely defined by Carroll County’s political reputation.

Anne Stoner


The author is a member of the Carroll County Democratic Central Committee.

Left pivots from Russia to racism to disparage Trump

I wonder if any of the left-leaning [columnists] at the Times have noticed the charges of “Russia stole the election for Trump” or “Trump colluded with Russia” or “Trump obstructed justice” (nonexistent crimes) have disappeared from the headlines. No one has yet explained to me how someone can obstruct justice while investigating a crime that didn’t happen.

Probably not; and I think that is because they and most of the rest of the media, while disappointed that two-plus years and millions of our dollars were wasted on an unsuccessful coup, have come out of their little goal-centered meetings with a new objective or two. These would be: “Trump is a racist!” or “if you voted for Trump, you’re a racist too!” or “if you support Trump, you can’t be a Christian.”

It gets old after awhile, this daily battering of “Trump Derangement Syndrome.” But I think at least some of the daily drumbeat has its origins in the belief that many anti-Trumpers are actually terrified that his base has not deserted him at all, and at times seems even more supportive. Witness any rally the man leads and you’ll see what I mean. Democrats and Republicans both watch and pay attention to the polls. And while we always see the polls showing that virtually anyone, including Daffy Duck, could beat the president, I have seen polls that Trump’s support among black and Hispanic voters has risen dramatically. It’s pretty easy to understand this since the economy is doing very well, despite the doom and gloom predictions about tariffs.

Democrats and the media know this too, and thus have to change the narrative away from the booming economy and record low unemployment, especially among blacks, and frantically predict an impending recession. So no wonder the left is afraid! They say that for something to be funny, there has to be some truth in it. So as I’ve told my new foursomes so many times on the golf course, "If Trump walked on water, the headline the next day in the paper would be “Trump can’t swim!”

Dave Price