Letters: Facts about Baltimore; secular values play role in mass shootings; well regulated militia vs. mass shooters

Reality check for columnist regarding Baltimore

Tom Zirpoli ignores certain facts about Baltimore in his op-ed piece regarding Baltimore and poverty (July 31 Carroll County Times). His absolute dislike and hatred for President Trump does not allow him to recognize or admit, that Baltimore is a city that has been failing for decades.

Mr. Zirpoli would have one believe that Baltimore is a city with some minor problems, just like other large cities, all the while ignoring that:


1. Baltimore’s population has declined every year since 2014. The city, according to “2018 Biggest”, is 35.6 percent smaller than it was in 1950. I’m not sure where all of Mr Zirpoli’s daughter’s millennial friends are moving to. I don’t think it’s Baltimore.

2. Mr. Zirpoli implies that Baltimore is not “a rat and rodent infested mess.” Maybe Tom should read the article in the July 31 edition of The Carroll County Times, where they list the top 10 cities for rat population (infestation). FYI, Baltimore was ranked No. 8. Boasting that, at least they were not number 4, like Washington, DC. Being in the top 10 on the list is not good.

3. Mr. Zirpoli boasts about all of the large national law firms and financial institutions that call Baltimore home. According to The Baltimore Business Journal, as of May 2018, Baltimore has not had a Fortune 500 Company since 2012. I’m guessing that is probably due to the horrible over-taxation and crime that occurs in Baltimore.

4. Tom never mentions the fact that Baltimore is leading the nation in murders per capita or the massive amount of corruption that has gone on for years in Baltimore. Personally, I’d rather spend my tax dollars eating at some of the fantastic restaurants in Westminster, Sykesville or Eldersburg, where I don’t have to have my head on a swivel, feeling like I have a target on my back.

5. As far as the tax cuts that only helped “the rich get richer...,” our small company was able to give some much-needed raises to some of our employees. All due to the new tax law, and how it related to our small business.

I’m not a huge fan of President Trump. I do hope and believe that the president calling out the terrible leadership in Baltimore will bring help to a very needy city.

Tim Gallagher


Liberal secular values play role in mass shootings

In response to Anne Arundel [County Democratic Central Committee], in typical liberal Democratic fashion, you blame others for the crime rather than the perpetrators. Somehow you have determined that Republicans are to blame for mass shootings instead of those people who pulled the triggers.

We need to ask ourselves how did the shooters learn to devalue human life so much that they felt it was OK to shoot unarmed innocent civilians? Look no further than to the failed liberal secular values that have been imposed on our society by liberal judges and the Democratic party. Liberals have gotten prayer removed from our schools; they have attacked God and continue trying to remove God from public discourse; and the liberal jurists overlooked the right to life in the Constitution but discovered a right for abortion which overturned many anti-abortion laws throughout the country. Liberals have redefined developing human babies as a choice. Liberals light up buildings in New York to celebrate a law that allows babies to be murdered as they are being born. Liberals also celebrate leaving a child to die if he/she happens to escape the abortionist’s knife. To find the root cause of mass shootings, liberals need to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Liberal secular values have created the conditions where people can choose to kill other people. After all, its just a choice, not a human being.

Liberals want gun control laws. Liberals want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens because a handful of mass murderers shoot innocent people. Gun control doesn’t work. Look at Chicago to see the results of laws that don’t work. There were 47 shootings and four fatalities over the Aug. 10-11 weekend. Criminals, by definition, don’t obey laws.

We Republicans mourn the deaths of all those innocent people killed in that past few weeks. We also mourn the millions of babies that have been killed by abortion. Instead of blaming others for criminals’ behavior, liberals need to blame the criminals and your failed secular policies.

Jim Holstein

Mount Airy

How about the 255 armed civilians rushing into ‘battle’ in 2019?

I read [in Rick Blatchford’s Aug. 17 column] that we now have a fact-based theory about a “well regulated militia” as written by James Madison for the Constitution of the United States. A civilian, dropping everything in his life on a moment’s notice, picking up his firearm and rushing into battle — for free.

I don’t know if anyone is paying attention, however, during 2019, 255 civilians have dropped everything in their lives on a moment’s notice, picked up their firearms and rushed into battle — for free. Unfortunately, their war was with Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Sikhs, Blacks and other Americans in or at rock concerts, night clubs, shopping centers, houses of worship, high schools and even elementary schools.

It makes your head ache? It makes my heart ache.

J. E. Gottleib