Letters: Readers voice concerns with Mueller report, Democrats, federal government

Mueller report full of issues from top to bottom

This is in response to Steven Davidson’s column “Mueller report musings, from disturbing (Republicans) to the absurd (Democrats).” Steven listed examples of why “Listening to the Republican members of the committee was really disturbing” to him: #1 “Democrats are the ones that should be investigated”; #2 “The report is unfair as it was composed by a team mostly consisting of democrats”; #3 “The President should be given the same presumption of innocence that any other ordinary citizen gets.” Steven said “cavorting with the enemy in affairs of state that does not apply.”

The Republican questions were relevant and exposed the truth. #1 The Mueller Report/Testimony did not find that the Trump campaign, or anyone associated with it conspired, or coordinated with Russia. It appears to me this Russian hoax, that divided the nation, started under Obama when his bureaucrats — Jim Comey, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John Brenner, James Clapper, Susan Rice etc. — violated their sworn oath to perpetuate a fake treasonous conspiracy narrative to influence the election.


#2 The report is unfair. It looks like Mueller did not lead this investigation, or even vet his attorneys. The Mueller team was composed of politically motivated and highly partisan Democratic attorneys like Hillary Clinton’s friend Andrew Weissmann, Hillary’s attorney Jeannie Rhee, Peter Strzok, who exonerated Hillary and tried to stop Trump from becoming president until the Horowitz Report exposed him. At least six of Mueller’s lawyers gave money to Hillary, and at least six donated to Obama; none donated to Trump. Mueller said he did not know Fusion GPS and did not investigate Christopher Steele. How could Mueller not know the company which funneled $168K from Hillary/DNC to Christopher Steele for his phony Russian Dossier?

Republican John Ratcliff asked Mueller if he, or his law firm, ever exonerated anyone? The answer was No, because Mueller can’t exonerate. Republican congressman Mike Turner had a stack of law books and asked Mueller if he could find the office-of-exoneration, Mueller couldn’t, because it doesn’t exist. Regardless the Democrats want to impeach Trump, because Mueller didn’t exonerate him. For three years Adam Schiff, Democratic Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which oversees all US Intelligence Agencies, said he has evidence that Trump colluded with Russia. Schiff, who’s lies could start a war, lied to the American people for three years. Jerrold Nadler, Democratic Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, is still lying and trying to impeach Trump for crimes that didn’t happen.

#3 The problem with this statement is obvious, Steven like the Democrats and Mainstream Media ignores due-process and the presumption-of-innocence to declare you guilty, until exonerated.

Carl Burdette, Westminster

Democrats, shadows of themselves, only complain, label

To Mr. Zirpoli and Mr. Minnich, the two least informed opinion writers. Don’t they realize the Democratic Party has been hi-jacked by very disturbing people? The Old Line democrats, when the party stood for common sense, are rapidly siding with the Grand Old Party of the people who still love the U.S.A.

Donald Trump is for the people who still believe in this Great Country of ours. The greatest place in the world to live, work, play and enjoy the freedom we have.

Listen to the Democratic presidential canidates platforms. They are so far left that it’s scarey. Mr. Zirpoli, never mentions this in his opinion piece, only Donald Trump. That is all he’s got. The Democrats have nothing, or add nothing but Trump. It’s almost sad to see a great Party sink to this low.

As for Mr. Minnich, who proclaimed to be a Republican to get elected in Carroll County as a Commissioner, I have very little respect. He fooled me once, shame on him, fool me twice, shame on me.

All the people from Carroll County want from you two are, what would the Democrats do if elected? You have no idea.

As for the black vote in the inner cities, it’s almost like a big plantation, where the Democratic leadership dictates everything to the people. Any black that would disagree is labeled an Uncle Tom. The democrates label anyone who do not toe their line, Uncle Toms, racist, begots, homophobic, etc. That is all they have. I think the great people of our country are catching on to this vitriolic abuse they espouse.

Harry H. Griffith Sr., Hampstead

Federal government not serving 'the little person’

The hourly worker does not stand a chance under this Occupational Safety and Health Administration or Nominee Secretary of labor Eugene Scalia and the Supreme Court the worker will never get in ruling in their favor. You must be a big Corporation or rich. For them to even look at the constitution. Those on the Supreme Court only looks to party ideology. I am waiting for the Supreme Court start to have the attorney general prosecute and jail the LBGTQ communality. That is how extreme they seem to be. As vice president of American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, Retiree chapter 1 of Maryland, I will never stop fighting for the little person. Oh if president Trump thinks Baltimore is a mess he can divert some money that the Supreme Court gave him for his ego for the wall.

William Stevens, Keymar