Letters: Democrats divide and smear; Trump’s talk is divisive, uninspiring

Dems use racism smears to obscure corruption, incompetence

Favoring a certain demographic for political gain is the most important part of the Democrat party platform. Dividing people into groups and smearing opponents is about all they have left now along with bribes for certain groups. Why have the Dems in Congress become increasingly tolerant of anti-Semitic rhetoric and supportive of boycotting Israel? Because Muslims outnumber the Jews by over 2 billion people. It’s about 14 million Jews vs. over 2 billion Muslims, and it’s 56 countries against one. For this reason and other malicious purposes, the Democrats are campaigning against the world’s only Jewish state.

If the world were to vote (democracy) the Jews would likely be eliminated. Thank God America is a Republic and governed by the rule of law (the Constitution) and not the mob. If Democrats are making accusations, chances are they’re doing whatever it is only worse. One example, the Russia hoax and FBI/intelligence agencies corruption under Obama. Another example is the racism smear which has been used effectively as a weapon to silence opponents for decades by Dems and a complicit media. Trump’s policies are delivering results and helping Americans of all types.


Trump attacks all types and isn’t playing politician like the phonies we have had for decades. He is fighting for our First Amendment rights which the left has been assaulting. Naturally the “racism” smear is losing its effectiveness from exploitation. The frequent fake racism charges and media manipulation of information is an abuse of an extremely damning charge. Columnists and others that smear Trump have been wrong about nearly everything they have said. But since they have no shame and parrot the Democrat talking points like brainless zombies, they get a big platform from the establishment.

The corruption and incompetence of the Dems would be easier to expose if not for the racism smear weapon. Examples are the corrupt and failing Democrat run cities, Smollett and Omar. Using the Democrats’ own standards, at least half of the Democrat candidates for president should be women and five of them should be black. Instead, they are selecting the candidate by money raised and polling. It is another instance of “do as I say, not as I do” Democrat hypocrisy. Brace yourself for the torrent of smears and bribes coming in 2020 as the last gasp efforts of a Democrat party that can only espouse smears, empty promises and un-American policies.


Myles Stanley


Trump ‘speaks his mind’ but says nothing to inspire

It’s a very sad day in America when a president’s loyal supporters cozy-up to him because he, “speaks his mind,” according to the August 3 commentary by Rick Blatchford. Has our proud nation sunken to this lowest common denominator in selecting the chief executive?

If I simply want to listen to someone “speaking their mind” I can go to the nearest bar and eavesdrop all night on half-inebriated patrons.

As the leader of 327 million Americans, a president must be measured and balanced in choosing his words very carefully, and avoiding demagoguery. This is not out of “political correctness,” as Blatchford dismisses, but a measure of a president’s, integrity, character, and moral guidance.

But because of Donald Trump’s arrested emotional development, he doesn’t care that a wrong choice of words can have unintended consequences. His pronouncements are more instigating than inspiring. The most recent example is the El Paso, Texas, Walmart shooter who interpreted Trump’s vitriol as an endorsement of fostering white supremacy in the U.S.

In simply “speaking his mind,” Trump exposes his pathological lying, venomous insults, school-yard sarcasm, and knee-jerk paranoia. His sole motivation is to bully and bluster loud enough to impress his far-right base to win reelection.

All the other presidents I’ve seen in my lifetime spoke thoughtfully, honestly, openly, intelligently and compassionately. Historically, Abraham Lincoln “spoke his mind” eloquently in his minute-long Gettysburg Address to attempt to heal a war-ravaged nation. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” inspired a generation to climb out of the Great Depression. Nearly 60 years after his inaugural speech, John F. Kennedy’s, “. . . ask what you can do for your country,” still resonates with the American can-do spirit.

Absolutely nothing so inspiring has ever come out of Trump’s mouth in these challenging times. And, it never will because he is simply an intellectually bankrupt con man. Trump’s words will never be remembered as motivational for America’s future generations.

Ray Villard


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