Recalling watching the moon landing in Africa

In 1969 I was in the Navy, stationed in a small town named Kenitra, Morocco. The country of Morocco is in the north-west corner of Africa. We were in French Morocco. The base was about 175 miles south of Gibraltar. There really was no television on the Naval base because the USA used the NTSC system and Morocco used the European system called PAL. TV sets from the USA could not make pictures from Moroccan TV stations without circuit modifications. Along with all of those technical problems, the programming used French or the Arab language. So TV was not a source of entertainment.

With the coming Apollo moon landing in the summer of 1969, TV did became a topic of interest. Someone had modified a TV to receive a local Moroccan television station. The language would be French but we could see the pictures. As I remember the time difference from the East Coast of the USA and Kenitra, Morocco was 5 hours. When we watched the moon landing it was about 2 a.m. Kenitra time. I still remember watching those grainy pictures from the moon.


Amazing, man had walked on the moon!

Fred Merker


Inspired by Trump, wants columnist to lay off

Mr. Zirpoli, since my last letter to the editor concerning your Trump rants [as a Times Opinion columnist], I have been very active in this great United States of America. I am 86 years old and have sky-dived, white-water rafted, had an air balloon ride and I still walk 20 miles a week. Donald Trump and MAGA has inspired me in this great nation. You, on the other hand, see President Trump only through your very foggy lens, and MSNBC, CNN and the very liberal media.

I trust you watched the Democratic debate circus. Nobody had any plans for this great country except to tear is asunder; no job plans, no border plans and no health plans (except free). All candidates’ hands went up when asked for free health care for illegal immigrants. This is the Democratic platform: open borders, free college, free health care, investigate Trump, etc. Your ilk is turning the Old Democrats off and they will silently support Trump. Remember the last election. Again, I offer to take you to lunch and to do something other than your stale Trump politics. Get out and see this great American country and enjoy your life.

Harry Griffith


Why can’t Republicans find a true leader?

I wonder why we, all Americans, assume our current president should be the Republican candidate for president for a second term. I wonder why there is no better qualified person to represent Republican philosophy, ideals, values, character and morality. I wonder why the Republican Party (really, most Republicans) has/have kneeled down and kissed the hand of a narcissist, an immoral, racist person?

Is there no other Republican who can come forward to contest this person who has antagonized our allied leaders, who has befriended our enemies, who does not acknowledge mankind’s actions that contribute to global warming, who is a racist and who knows not what truth is? How can we as a nation have a leader who is so unAmerican? Why can the Republican Party not nominate a true leader, a true American to represent their values in the next election? How has Trump trumped the system? Why does the Republican Party leadership, and Republicans in general, not seem to care?

Dale Piper


Columnist, letter-write can’t fool everyone

My comment for [columnist] Tom Zirpoli and also for [letter-writer] Harvey Rabinowitz is that you can fool some of the people all the time, and you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. That applies to those two men and their nasty, negative [Opinion page pieces] concerning our president.

Herb Pletcher