Letters: For, against Tom Zirpoli's 'concern for the unborn' column

Government should prioritize citizens over non-citizens

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Tom Zirpoli had a Damascus Road experience like Saul of Tarsus? Why persecute the unborn? Reading his latest piece was like reading the script of the movie, “The Matrix” when the machine villain describes why humanity shouldn’t exist. The accusation and Dem talking point that supporters of life don’t care about people once they are born is absurd and contrary to the facts. I wonder if these irrational views are not serious but only written to sell papers.

How Tom can reconcile his advocacy for our special needs citizens with his pro-abortion stance is a puzzle. Special needs people are being targeted by physicians and the government to be ripped apart while in their mother’s wombs. Especially targeted are the poor and minority communities. Sometimes a targeted person is born anyway and is without any disabilities. History has many examples of eminent people that today’s doctors and our gov’t would have wanted their mother to terminate. Abortion is the worst atrocity happening in our lifetime. Tom mentions the toothbrushes at the border controversy. The contrast of getting toothbrushes to foreign children who are being used as pawns at the border by criminals with the innocent Americans literally being ripped apart while in their actual mothers symbolizes the two sides of American politics today.


The left may have more credibility if they walked the walk. With almost every subject they do not live the life they propose for everyone else. You don’t hear about the vast numbers of Dems personally taking in migrants or bringing toothbrushes to poor children. The Dems are generous with your money but when it comes to personal sacrifice they can’t compete with conservatives. The people doing the most personally to help children and people everywhere are conservatives. The Dems have manufactured the border crisis and continue to make it worse. The Dem presidential candidates are screaming out to the world to come here illegally and get your free healthcare. How is it that there are millions of people in Central America with $7,000 or more laying around to pay for the trip to America?

Conservatives sympathize with the people from other countries but know there are thousands of American children without toothbrushes. The American government is paid for by American citizens and it shouldn’t prioritize non-citizens over Americans. They could encourage private donations, but taxpayer money should go to help Americans.

Myles Stanley


Columnist hits the mark on ‘despicable’ president

I stand with Tom Zirpoli. It’s not so much that President Trump is hated, but that he is a despicable human being. Kim Jong-un has described him as a dotard. All new presidents are given a period of time to adjust to the position. It’s been over two years and Trump hasn’t earned the respect a president normally has.

But he is not a “normal” president. During his term we have “concentration camps” for children seeking asylum. We have military parades, women’s health criminalization, the rule of law suspended, stacking of the circuit courts with partisan extremists and extreme nepotism. He has mocked the infirm, offended gold star families, called the press the “enemy of the people,” called any news story he doesn’t like “fake news.”

He has lied to the American people over 10,000 times and counting. He is defying congressional requests for information that congress requires for oversight. He doesn’t give a wit about the environment, offends our friends and allies, cheats on his taxes, cheats on his wives, cheats at golf and cheats on America. Mitt Romney said “he’s a fake, a phony, a fraud and a con-man.” He wants to lock up his political enemies, aligns himself with murderous dictators, leans toward being a racist and claims that some Nazis are good people. I could go on but I’m limited by word count.

Harvey Rabinowitz


As columnist wrote, more concern needed after birth

I couldn’t agree more with Tom Zirpoli’s Wednesday column, “For too many people, concern for the unborn ends at birth.” Au contraire. It is just the beginning of caring, concern and expense. Please give some thoughts to the whole picture of pro-life.

Ginny Young