Letters: July is Park & Rec month; protect life once it leaves the womb; seniors need congress' help

Throughout July, it’s Game On for Rec and Parks

Since 1985, the National Recreation & Parks Association has designated July as Park & Recreation month with events scheduled to raise awareness of the vital impact that parks and recreation has on communities nationwide. This year’s theme of “Game On” is intended to get people outdoors, active and taking advantage of the local programs and parks that are available to all ages and abilities.

The Board of County Commissioners proclaimed July as Park & Recreation month for Carroll County and the Department of Recreation and Parks has planned special activities throughout July including its annual Park Pursuit and a series of park walks with each of the County Commissioners. More information and a calendar of activities can be found at or by visiting the department’s Facebook page.


Join one of our many summer camps, take a bus trip, catch a prize-winning fish at Piney Run Park or go kayaking on Big Pipe Creek and see owls, herons and Bald Eagles up close. Take in a show at the Carroll Arts Center, visit our nature centers, play disc golf at Leister Park, walk on a trail, visit your favorite playground … the opportunities are endless, and many are free and just a short distance from home. For those who are regulars in our parks, switch up your routine and visit one of our parks that you haven’t seen before and tell us about it. You just might find a new favorite park.

We are so thankful for great local parks and programs and more importantly the people who use and support them. Help us celebrate Parks and Recreation month this July and we look forward to seeing you in our parks.

Jeff R. Degitz


The author is the director of Carroll County Department of Recreation & Parks.

Adminstration only considers life precious prior to birth

I am more outraged than usual after reading in the Washington Post [on June 25] the deplorable conditions that immigrant children at the border are being forced to live in by this administration. The same administration that believes women should be punished for having an abortion because life is so precious.

The only conclusions I can come to is that once life is outside of the womb it doesn’t really matter how that life is treated. That being forced to live without even the basics of soap, toothpaste, a warm blanket or a dry diaper is not really necessary. The parents who brought these children to the United States were hoping for a safer life for their children. This administration has failed miserably in meeting that expectation. Or, was that their strategy? If so, as American citizens we all need to speak up and tell Congress this is NOT who we are as a nation. That how we treat life after birth is what needs our undivided attention.

Along the same line of thinking is the legitimate concern that a child sustained injury from a foul ball at a ballpark. That action must be taken by erecting netting that would protect spectators from such hits. So, where is the same outrage when there have been 542 deaths from guns from 1999-2018 (according to Time magazine’s Feb. 15 edition)? That Congress still seems to be beholden by the NRA to not enact any meaningful gun safety legislation.

Please! Let’s all demand protection of life once it leaves the womb.

Patricia Roop Hollinger


Congress needs to step in for seniors

It’s time for members of the US Senate and House to take their hands out of the pharmaceutical companies’ pockets. It’s greed and not caring. They can start to lower prescription medicine. A lot of seniors can’t afford their medicine and stop taking it and are dying or taking their life. Some lose their homes. What are our lawmakers letting us come? As vice president of AFSCME Retiree Chapter 1, I know this to be true. Call your congress person if you like them or not. Speak up. It is up to you.

William Stevens