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Saddened by state of country, those who hate it

I cannot remember a moment in my 75 years of life when I have been so profoundly saddened and ashamed of this country that I love than I am now.

It would seem that a perfect storm has been created by a lethal combination of virulent politics, a frightening pandemic in which thousands have died, and the senseless murder of a subdued Black man by a white police officer. This combination has unleashed all the evil that man can muster as well as it has brought many keyboard warriors out of their parents’ basements to let off steam by way of screaming at police and tearing down statues that, for better or worse, define our nation’s history.


Did you know that 360,222 union troops died in battle to free the Black man from bondage in our Civil War? That’s a very large number. Many of them and others who died in service to this country are buried at Arlington National Cemetery. The property that is now Arlington National Cemetery was the property of Robert E Lee and his family. Did you know that?

Did you know that a college professor in England was awarded tenure after tweeting that “White lives don’t matter!” Here in America, it seems that one is a racist if he believes that “All lives matter!”


I believe that the only way that manner of thought can come about is through ignorant parenting and/or a deteriorating educational system. So if the parents aren’t taught how to think, how can their children learn? Ask any millennial the meaning of “checks and balances” and I’m sure, for the most part, you’ll get a deer-in-the-headlights stare. Why, because Civics isn’t taught enough anymore and young people are being taught what to think and not how to think.

In essence then, I see enormous amounts of pent-up anger being unleashed, and unabashed hatred for the very country that provides them the rights to go out and make fools of themselves. But rather than conclude with the question of “What the hell is wrong with us,” I would rather pray that at some point in the future, God looks upon this glorious nation and says, “Enough!”

Dave Price


America is rotting from within

Every civilization eventually dies. The American civilization may be nearing its end.

What made America great was it’s love of the law, a law rooted in the Word of God. And while that law may not have always been equally applied, the structure in which it existed allowed for the evolution of society. We strove to be better, and cherished a system that made such growth possible.

Now we burn. We loot. We destroy. We kill. We laugh at authority and denigrate our own history. We’ve learned to hate everything that once made us great. The law has become just an obstacle preventing us from feeding our worst passions. Rage has replaced justice. Each day, more Americans are concluding they just don’t need God anymore, or the government He has ordained. No longer believing it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, true to His Word, He is turning us over to depraved minds.The results are obvious to anyone with eyes.

Take a look around. America is rotting from within, and our enemies need only wait till the work is done.

Chris Roemer


Remove the president, keep our liberties

We must remove this president from office and overturn the Senate. The way they are picking the federal judges and the Supreme Court, people will lose their liberties. Trump wants total dictatorship. We will be just like Russia and China, communist countries. Just look at what he said about protesters doing their First Amendment rights. Do people want their First Amendment and freedom or live in fear?

P.S., did you ever see a hoax kill so many people?


William Stevens


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