Letters: Bash Trump’s virus response, not Hogan’s; this isn’t about disbanding the police; ‘Ivory tower’ comment unfair

Trump more deserving of delegate’s ire than Hogan

I want to thank Mr. Robert Wack for his honest and open letter concerning Delegate Haven Shoemaker. Governor Larry Hogan’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been very well balanced, unlike other states. Currently, I have lost faith in the Republican party and their denial of the Trump reality. President Trump has shown great incompetence in the handling of the pandemic, and Del. Shoemaker’s name-calling is just proof he is clueless when it comes to handling a national or county emergency. I fully agree that this country and county are facing challenges complex social and public health issues. We need leaders and not schoolyard bullies. It has been my opinion that Delegate Shoemaker is not a problem solver, but a politician and voting him out of office would be a wise move at the next election cycle.

Robert Willey



This isn’t about disbanding the police

In response to Joe Vigliotti’s op-ed on June 19, nobody wants to “disband” the police! That’s a Fox News lie!


Some of the Black Lives Matter people want to “defund” the police. That means to reform the police and change funding allocations; most people are calling for disbanding.

Personally, I agree with esteemed House Majority Whip James Clyburn that “defund the police” is a stupid slogan. As he said, if you’re explaining your slogan, you’re losing.

But we’re really at a point where we have to take more control over the police, and that means taking power from the police unions.

I say this as someone whose brother was murdered by police.

Bruce A. Hake

Union Bridge

‘Ivory tower’ comment unfair to columnist

In a recent letter to CCT, Pat Bussard attacked the use of mail-in elections, and in the same letter, he tried to deride Tom Zirpoli’s opinion of the positive value of allowing voting by mail, in the column published in CCT last Wednesday. I recognize his right to disagree with a columnist or other persons’ opinions. But when he accused Mr. Zirpoli of not having valid opinions because Tom is a college professor and in “an ivory tower,” the letter writer proved to me that HIS opinions are probably worthless since he considers an education at the college level to be less valuable than an education at “lower” levels.

Kurt Wenzing


No need to drag Trump in masks column

In his column published June 24, Tom Zirpoli makes a cogent case for the power of the face mask. He could not, however, do so without taking a jab at President Trump who, along with his immediate staff, is tested daily for the corona virus because he is the president.

Michael Hurley


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