Letters: Let’s strive for diplomacy, find common ground; Dem thanks delegate for anti-Hogan points in column; Local resident Beverly Ballor is one of a kind

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Let’s strive for diplomacy, find common ground

It was refreshing to read Chris Roemer’s letter (June 9, “A Nation of Litmus Tests), showing us that if we continue the “us against them” mentality, we’re doomed. In this era, the use of diplomacy is cast aside in favor of asserting one’s opinion without listening to the other side. Does the phrase, “It’s just my opinion” ring bells? 

When I was in school, we were taught that our basic two-party system provided less confusion than others, thus being better. However, recently, I’ve read that in countries like France which have many political parties represented in the legislature, diplomacy is necessary to get anything done. The different factions must work together to reach a result. In contrast, our Congress has a prevailing party that often blocks other points of view, no matter if Democrat or Republican. Thus there is stalemate and hardly anything moves forward.


In previous months, the public library offered programs about how to speak of one’s differing beliefs in a civil manner and such a class is offered during Traditions Weeks through Common Ground on the Hill (How to Talk Politics at the Dinner Table). Let’s strive for common ground, for understanding even if not totally agreeing with other points of view. Then we can objectively analyze others’ actions as well as our own, moving forward positively.

Dee Krasnansky



Dem thanks delegate for anti-Hogan points in column

Far be it from me to praise anything Gov. Larry Hogan does, as I've never, as a Democrat, been a supporter. I'm not one now.

So it was with great amusement  when I read Del. Haven Shoemaker’s [June 13] column attacking Hogan’s handling of Maryland’s effort against the spread of COVID-19. Shoemaker strongly urged Carroll County voters to vote for Hogan in both 2014 and 2018, saying his election would be good for the state’s businesses and it’s citizens. Now, because Hogan won’t be rushed into “reopening” Maryland, Shoemaker terms him “Liberal Larry” and “Lockdown Larry.”

Shoemaker, as well as other Republican delegates, are now also calling for allowing more children to be allowed to go to daycare and summer camps, on the specious grounds that they may be less likely to be infected by the virus. Apparently Shoemaker, and the other delegates, hasn’t been following the upsurge in cases in states like Florida, Arizona and Texas, all of which chose to ignore the warnings of public health officials about rushing to “reopen." 

In closing, as a Democrat, let me thank Shoemaker for giving us some great talking points to use against Hogan if he runs for another office in the future. 

Frank Rammes


Local resident Beverly Ballor is one of a kind

Beverly Ballor’s birthday is right around the bend and while the year is nothing of significance, she certainly is. As an avid sewer, she made masks for numerous friends, family, neighbors, and restaurants — handing them out to whomever needed and wanted one. She even made head scarves for a local dentist office. Beverly bakes treats for the guards at Fairhaven to thank them for their extra time keeping the residents safe. She wants to do her part during the pandemic encouraging others to simply “pay it forward.”


She makes sure there is something fun for friends and family coming in the mail during this time of isolation. And even before this time, Beverly was always generous in her love for others. She instilled in her children a love and respect of all persons — from womb to tomb, in every religion, race, and background.

Beverly is the type of person that addresses waitstaff by name to make them feel appreciated.  Frequenting local business, especially on Main Street Sykesville, she remembers the names of those who work and own the businesses to be able to greet them by name, making everyone feel like a someone.

She would make the most creative and memorable birthday parties, engagement parties, and egg hunts for her family. I could fill up all the pages of this paper with examples! One example of her dedication and love is in the ’90s, even though she was back in college to earn a degree and working and raising a family, she still made time to cheer on every one of her daughter’s all-day cross country races. Beverly still hasn’t missed a race when her daughter runs the Shiver Shuffle or Coolest Mile on Main Street here in Sykesville.

Beverly is one of a kind and deserves to have the very best birthday and year ahead. She is loved and appreciated beyond all limits and I just wanted everyone to know!

Kristy Keiser