Letters: Thankful for rec and parks programs; tax increase may be coming; retirees need help

Moms in Westminster grateful for Rec and Parks

While our children were playing at Westminster City Playground, another mom and myself started discussing how we are going to keep our five children under the age of 7 busy this season without spending a lot of money. Thankfully, the Westminster Deparment of Recreation and Parks just released their Park and Recreation Month events calendar. Every day in the month of July there is an event either free of charge or requiring a nominal fee. They even offer discount days at the Westminster Municipal Pool and free fitness classes at the Family Fitness Center, in addition to their regularly held kids’ Summer Camps.

Last year, we participated in many events, such as a ninja warrior course, mini triathlon, an ice cream social, a day with blow-up slides filling the park, and a basketball skills course. We listened to bands in the park on Sundays and enjoyed weekly free snowballs on Locust Lane. Attending these various outings, we ran into friends from all over the community and kept our families busy. We found ourselves exploring community playgrounds and parks we had never even been to before. This year, some of our favorite events are back, but also some we hadn’t previously attended. We are looking forward to adding a magic show, making slime, and creating our own fairy garden to our list of activities.


The last three years have seen the addition of many family and community friendly events in Westminster, which have vastly bolstered community pride and involvement. These events, and the friendships and memories we are making in the process, will leave us forever grateful to be raising our family in Westminster, and truly thankful for all of our City employees who develop, plan, and organize these events. Their creativity, ingenuity, and hard work make our Summer days full, eventful, and tons of fun without breaking the bank or stressing us out.

For all our fellow Moms and Dads (Grandmas, Grandpas, Aunties, Uncles and Family Friends); stay busy, and we hope to see you out with us, enjoying all the events our community continuously offers!

Peggy Benko


‘No tax increase’ may be only ‘semi-technically true’

Concerning the “Other Voices” of Saturday, May 19 by State Sen. Justin Ready, he wrote “In other good news, we passed a balanced budget with no tax increase.”

Semi-technically true. Down the road, Maryland and other states will benefit from a decision from the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that will allow states to collect sales taxes that were not allowed in the past.

I am proceeding under the assumption that Maryland will not decline the sales taxes generated by this opinion. Shall I hold my breath?

Ronald Graham

New Windsor

Politicians, don’t make retirees sacrificial lambs

Legislators state employees worked long and hard in public service for their health and pharmaceutical benefits. Some worked 30 years and more for them. Do not throw retirees into Medicare (D) like yesterday’s trash. Some retired after 2011. Don’t make retirees your sacrificial lambs. You give a lot of money other places. You can shave some of that off and keep retirees on the state prescription drug plan. Value retirees’ service. Give them the same respect and dignity you would want for yourself.

William Stevens


The author is the vice president of a chapter of AFCME.