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Letters: All the 'winning' we're doing; columnist obsessed with Trump; a delegate's mindset

Tired of winning yet, Trump supporters?

In 2016, Donald Trump told his supporters they would get tired of winning. Are you tired of winning yet? Are you tired of getting those huge tax refunds? Are you tired of those big employer bonuses Trump promised? Are you tired of that big pay raise Trump said you would get? How about Trump's promise he would give you great health care coverage at a lower cost?

Trump filed a lawsuit through the Department of Justice proposing that the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA) be thrown out including protection for preexisting conditions with no plans to replace it. If his lawsuit succeeds, over 20 million Americans will lose their health insurance and everyone else will lose protections under the ACA. He's telling his supporters to wait until after the 2020 election to see his plan. Like President Nixon's secret plan to get us out of Vietnam after you reelected him. There was no plan and tens of thousands of additional Americans died. Trump and his Republican puppets have no health care plan either and many Americans will die for lack of affordable health care. A very pro-birth (not pro-child) position Maryland Republican delegates like Haven Shoemaker can get behind.


How about Trump's 25 percent tariffs on China and possible tariffs on Mexico? Guess who pays — American consumers and businesses. You will be paying up to 25 percent more for products you buy from China and Mexico. Chances are you will buy less. This hurts American businesses who will cut American workers because of lower demand for higher-priced products. There goes your tax refund, bonus and pay raise.

American farmers are getting hammered by Trump's China tariffs. Trump's answer is to give farmers welfare/bailout payments until China gives in. It's what Republicans like to call “socialism.” Guess what? China now buys much of its soybeans from Brazil and Argentina. So there is no real pressure on China to give in to Trump's tariffs. Farmers want free market trade and work, not welfare handouts


The guy who talks about getting tired of winning is really a loser. From 1985-1994, Trump tax records show that he lost $1.17 billion. [Because he lost so much] he didn't pay taxes in eight of the 10 years. Maybe this is why Trump doesn't want us to see his more recent tax returns.

They say fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me a third time, you're just plain stupid. Tired of winning yet?

David J. Iacono


Times columnist obsessed with Trump

Mr. Tom Zirpoli [Times columnist], I finally figured out what your problem is. You have [an obsession with] our great president. You spend so much time watching MSNBC, CNN and other low-ranking “news” stations who spread any and all rumors of President Trump. Meanwhile, your Democrats have no plan of action on any of our problems, only investigate Trump.

You care not about the surge of illegal aliens, the China tariff problem, the Iran problem, etc., only investigate Trump after he has been cleared. You need more proof to get a driver’s license than you need to vote, yet you advocate no proof to vote. You have 23 candidates running for president with no message except: 1. Babies may be killed at birth; 2. Indemnify blacks for past slavery, 150 years later; 3. Stop all gas, oil and coal using; 4. Free college, free food and free money to all.

Baltimore City, your closest neighbor, has been run by Democrats for over [50] years. How is that working out when Democrats have complete control? Imagine our country under their complete control for any period of time.

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Sp, please Mr. Zirpoli, ease up on our great President MAGA. Read the “Saturday Evening Post,” the “Reader’s Digest” or watch the Orioles, but please give up your [obsession].


Do you have anything to do with teaching students at McDaniel College? This is a sample of our college teaching students their liberal stance.

Harry H. Griffith Sr.


Observation about one of our delegates

Having read much of Del. Haven Shoemaker’s writing, I am convinced that he has a perfect 19th century mind — something that is very rare in 2019.

James G. Hirtle