Letters: Hoping for in-person general election; Grateful to community after food drive; Voters will remember in November

Hoping for in-person general election

We are about to have an all mail-in ballot election. If you’re not at least somewhat concerned about the complete integrity of your vote, you should be. I am both a retired mail carrier as well as an experienced voting judge, so perhaps I can visualize potential problems from a unique perspective.

Mail carriers work very hard and do a great job of getting the mail from point A to point B correctly and timely. That said, the public should understand a couple of things. All your mail does not arrive at your post office in perfect order so that all the carrier has to do is load it onto the truck. A large portion of the mail, including your magazines and bulk mail, has to be sorted by clerks, picked up by the carrier and transferred into the large case at his or her station to be placed in the slot with your name and address. In most cases, this is where mistakes happen, especially when the route is being worked by an inexperienced substitute. For example, a letter gets placed in a slot that says, “6205 Long Road" instead of "6205 Langor Road.” So for at least a few registered voters, that could be the reason you did not get your ballot. Not likely, but possible.


As an election judge, I grew to have enormous respect for Director Katherine Berry and the folks who work at and run the election board. They sincerely believe in the sanctity of the vote and do everything in their power to protect it. Having sat in front of the screen of a voting tablet computer for 13 straight hours on voting day, I can tell you with certainty that if you, the voter, do your part right, and I do my part right at your voting precinct, your vote will be counted correctly. Overall, the biggest thing that can go wrong with a mail-in ballot is the Board of Elections has no way of knowing who filled out and signed that ballot.

Finally, while it’s too late to have a normal “in-person” primary, I truly hope no matter in what direction the pandemic goes, the general election will be carried out with all necessary safety measures, but will be done in-person. The freedom to vote for our leaders is one of the few rights left that we the people still have and it is an irreplaceable part of our representative democracy. If we can go to the grocery store for toilet paper and to the liquor store for Captain Morgan, surely there’s a way we can go to our precinct to vote!


Dave Price


Grateful to community after food drive

On Saturday, May 2, the Lineboro-Manchester Lions Club and the Hampstead Lions Club held a Home Pickup Food Drive, which allowed local families to donate while avoiding personal contact. On behalf of the Lions, I want to thank the community for donating, volunteering and spreading the word about the event. We could not have pulled off the event without your support.

Nearly 90 households in Lineboro, Manchester, and Hampstead signed up for the event and the Manchester Sheetz donated over a dozen bags of food. We received tons of food, including a 20+ pound frozen turkey! In addition to food, the neighbors donated almost $400, homemade mask, and cleaning supplies that were distributed to local childcare centers.

The food that was collected was donated to local established food distribution centers including Immanuel Lutheran Church, Manchester Baptist Church, Tree of Friends Foundation, Lazarus United Church, NESAP and Hampstead's Little Free Pantry.

Thanks to all of the Lions and non-Lions who volunteered, we were able to pickup all of the food, organize it and distribute it, in under 3 hours.

The Lions can be found helping the community (all over Carroll) all year long, helping the visually impaired, working hard to prevent avoidable blindness, reducing the prevalence of diabetes and improving the quality of life for those diagnosed. If you are interested in continuing to help your community, consider attending a future Lions meeting and helping our organization. Visit www.lionsclubs.org/en to find your local club and serve your community!

Guy Garey


The writer is a member of the Lineboro-Manchester Lions Club

Voters will remember in November

I hope that when the November election rolls around, every voter remembers which party refused to support the final bill to help those who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus. Hint: It was not the Democrats.

James G. Hirtle



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