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Letters: Why the establishment hates Trump; politicians should stop trampling rights, worry about grown babies

Establishment hates Trump because he fixes age-old problems

Americans have watched Donald Trump for decades and know him well. It is amazing to watch the huge coordinated effort to change our impression of who he is. Tom Zirpoli wrote that it was “news” last week that Trump lost over a billion dollars last century. This was not news since it has been written about extensively and Trump even boasted about it on the first episode of “The Apprentice.” Then Zirpoli says his “guess” is Trump doesn’t show his taxes because he is living on borrowed money from sources Trump doesn’t want us to know about. Trump is fighting the weaponization of private financial information. Zirpoli proves this is their motive by repeating the talking point of “news” about Trump’s ‘80s debt.

I could “guess” that the bias from the Times and many of the opinion writers for the Times is due to a “quid pro quo” they have with some establishment organizations. I’m sure they will all voluntarily disclose all their financial info to prove me wrong. It is a common tactic for the left to do this "guessing." Similar to when they say, “if true” and then make nasty accusations or predictions. It doesn't matter if it isn’t true, the almost slanderous statement is out there.


Many people are in a small bubble and won’t even listen to alternative viewpoints. “Don’t get your facts in the way of my emotions” sums up the situation. Zirpoli states that Putin helped elect Trump. That’s a lie that was disproven soon after the election. Its hard to believe the editor printed it. Hillary Clinton had the comical “reset,” gave Russia our uranium and was secretary of state when Russia expanded its influence and territory. Trump has made us energy independent and energy exporter, which Russia hates. When someone is consistently wrong like these writers are there should be a disclaimer informing readers they are wrong about most of what they write.

They lost all credibility and earned the fake news label years ago. They want power and control and will do anything to get it including consistently misinform. Whether it is climate change, immigration or Medicare for all, the left is trying to overwhelm the system and install a collectivist system. Like Abe Lincoln, Trump is successfully taking action to fix problems decades old that all the presidents before him avoided like immigration and China. This is why the establishment hates him.


Myles Stanley


Women’s rights trampled; politicians forget about babies once grown

Once again women’s rights are being trampled on by the recent Alabama decision to make abortion illegal after 6 weeks of pregnancy. That the M.D. performing the procedure could be given a prison sentence of up to 99 years. That the rapist, father, brother or uncle who impregnated the woman would not suffer any repercussions.

They wax poetic about the sanctity of life. These babies will grow up. However, these same politicians still resist enacting gun safety laws that would reassure these same children that they can attend school without the fear of being slaughtered there. I did not hear outrage from these same politicians when children were separated from their parents at the border. Many still have not been reunited with their parents. That children born with major birth defects are often denied ongoing treatment because it is deemed to be “custodial” in nature. In other words, if a child will not recover from these birth defects then their care is not deemed to be worthy of insurance coverage. Many single mothers are not able to earn a living wage for herself, much less, to raise a child.

These “precious” lives do not end at birth. These same politicians need to legislate policies that support and enhance life throughout a person’s life span.

Patricia Roop Hollinger