Letters: China’s version of ‘Fail Safe’ wrecks US; Support for Titus in Circuit Court judge race

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China’s version of ‘Fail Safe’ wrecks US

“Fail Safe” is a 1964 Cold War movie that portrays a fictional account of a nuclear crisis. The story line is the Air Force’s early warning system in Omaha, Nebraska, indicates an unidentified aircraft has intruded in American airspace, so our B58 Hustler bombers sortie to their designated Fail Safe position. Soon the intruded is identified as friendly and the alert is canceled, but a computer error causes one group of American bombers to receive orders for a nuclear attack on Moscow. Unable to obtain confirmation, or denial, the US bomber group continues past their Fail Safe location.


The president (Henry Fonda) and his advisers debate their options when their attempt to recall, or shoot down the bombers is unsuccessful. Walter Matthau, a civilian academic lecturing the military brass in the Pentagon War Room while their Big Screen wall map plays out the predicament, theorizes we will have to fight Russia sooner or later, so take advantage of this accident and proceed with the first strike and Russia will collapse. I won’t tell you the end.

Fifty-five years later there’s an accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and a deadly virus escapes. Change the names: Fail Safe to Wuhan-virus, Henry Fonda to President Xi Jinping, Walter Matthau to a Chinese military/academic etc. The virus is out and the Communist Chinese leaders can’t recall, or shoot it down. They debate how to continue their goal of global conquest/dominance while steeling our intellectual property and building up their military if their economy is destroyed by this pestilence?


The answer, in my opinion, is biological warfare. Chinese leaders understand Americans are partisan and gullible. They know the Democrats are only interested in investigating President Trump and have done nothing to slow China’s ambitions. They watched three years of Russia Collusion fantasy, then the Ukraine Impeachment circus, propagated by lying Adam Schiff, pompous Nancy Pelosi and their self-righteous mainstream media, divide our country.

They theorized the Democrats will continue to do nothing, blame President Trump and probably stop him from retaliating. So, China disregarded international protocol and intentionally concealed the severity of the outbreak, silenced their doctors, destroyed lab samples, stockpiled PPEs, let 20,000 Chinese a day come into America (thousands more worldwide) until Trump’s ban, stopped people from Wuhan going into their cities, refused help from US doctors/universities etc. knowing the virus will harm America and level the playing field.

Carl Burdette


Support for Titus in Circuit Court judge race

I write in support of retaining Judge Richard Titus on the Circuit Court for Carroll County.

Judge Titus, prior to being appointed, went through an intensive vetting process, including an application providing details of education and professional experience, writing samples, significant trials litigated, community involvement and references. The applications are then reviewed by the Judicial Nominating Commission, which consists of local attorneys and lay people. The Commission then interviews all the applicants and submits a “short list” of at least three names to the governor.

The Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel then conducts its own review process, after which those on the “short list” are interviewed by the Governor, who then makes the appointment. Judge Titus made the “short list,” was interviewed and appointed by Gov. Larry Hogan (for the second time).

Judge Titus clerked for a Circuit Court Judge in Carroll County, and was then engaged in the private practice of law in Carroll County for over 20 years, before being named to the bench. He and his wife have lived in Carroll County for 28 years and he has been deeply involved in the community. His two children attended Carroll County public schools.

Judge Titus has been endorsed by the Carroll County Bar Association, by Carroll County State’s Attorney Brian DeLeonardo, by Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees, by the Fraternal Order of Police, by County Commissioner Richard Weaver, by the entire Carroll County legislative delegation, and by numerous attorneys with whom he has tried cases, both as an attorney and as the presiding judge. He is also the only one running for the position with judicial experience.

Please join me in supporting Gov. Hogan’s choice, Judge Richard Titus. He has served with distinction since his appointment. He deserves your vote for a full term on the Circuit Court for Carroll County.

Michael Ritchey



The author is a Westminster attorney and member of the Judicial Nominating Commission.

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