Letters: Happy Mother's Day to farm wives; letter-writer wrong about electoral college

Happy Mother’s Day to farm wives, moms

This Sunday, as we celebrate Mother’s Day, let us give a little extra praise to our farm wives and mothers.

Farming is not just an occupation, it is a lifestyle, and for many during this 24/7/365 way of life, it’s hard to stop and give thanks to those loved ones who deserve it most. Sometimes we take for granted the women in agriculture, who provide us with both life and companionship while simultaneously caring for our families, employees, and livestock. In this together, we are able to provide our own families and yours with affordable, nutritious, and wholesome foods.


We as farmers are passionate about our livelihoods. We do everything we possibly can to ensure that our animals have the best quality of life and that the land we tend will sustainably produce for generations to come.

This past week, there was a letter to the editor (“Think of the cows this Mother’s Day” on May 7) that took aim at our way of life. It outraged not only our few remaining dairy farmers in the county, but our rural community as a whole.


As Americans, we have the right to carry out our lives freely and hold our own opinions. I have no issue with others that choose to live their lives differently than myself, regardless of the diet they choose, be it vegan, vegetarian, GMO-free, organic, gluten-free, etc. diet. But please be respectful and don’t demonize others for choosing to live their own way. If you are interested in learning about modern dairy farming practices and how real milk stacks up against milk alternatives, please check out the links below at www.Milklife.com and www.americandairy.com.

Join me this Mother’s Day by toasting with a glass of real milk (or other nut or plant juice if you must) to celebrate all mothers, both two- and four-legged!

Matt Hoff

New Windsor

Disagrees with letter about Trump, electoral college

It is hard to know where to start to react to Mr. Iacono’s letter (“Time to end tyranny of Trump, Electoral College,” May 3). There is so much emotion and so little factual information.

If “Trump seeks the power of dictators and monarchs”, why didn’t he ever claim executive privilege, even once, during the almost two-year-long Mueller investigation? His claim that the Mueller Report “indicates” Trump’s ”connections” to Russia helped win the Electoral College vote comes close to fantasy. The Russian effort (yes there was one) was tiny in scope and miniscule in effect – and it was not directed at the EC. The innuendo regarding Russian assistance in 2020 is a hysterical fiction.

He might want to study a little more about what went on during Reconstruction. He could start by googling “carpet bagger.” The time had come to let the people of the south run their own affairs. That’s what happens in a constitutional republic.The financial crisis of 2008 was mostly the fruits of Democratic Party legislation that had forced lenders to make bad loans, not any actions by Bush.

Iacona then jumps to the necessity of eliminating the electoral college, which he labels as “anti-democratic.” It is not, although in the last election its effect was “anti-Democratic Party.” The electoral college exists for exactly the same reason that the Senate exists — to insure the rights of smaller states (like Maryland) are not overridden by the tsunami of votes from populous states like California or New York.

His final paragraph smacks of soviet-style government. Who, may I ask, screens these potential candidates? Right now, it’s done by the members of the individual parties. Let’s call them “citizens.” Release of 10 years of IRS/financial records totally ignores the right to privacy.

Lastly, I want to know who establishes the “standards” and evaluates the potential candidates’ “mental and emotional fitness for office.” Who watches the watchmen?

Jennifer Glass


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