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Letters: Endorsement for Roark; calling for Electoral College's end; endorsement for Tomlin

Endorsing Roark for Hampstead Town Council

I recently learned that Jim Roark was running for re-election on the Hampstead Town Council, and felt compelled to share some insights that might not be obvious from the traditional political advertisements and campaign dialog. As a small businessman, he has navigated the unique challenges of entrepreneurism and the economy to sustain a successful company for 30 plus years. As a community leader, he has stepped up and made a difference in every effort he has undertaken. These things are known. But I would like to address the heart, integrity, authenticity and just plain common decency and kindness of this candidate. Specifically, I can speak to his contributions of time, talent and treasure to the Ronald McDonald House of Maryland.

As President & CEO of RMH, I have the opportunity to meet the hundreds of volunteers who help us to keep our doors open. Jim has been directly responsible for galvanizing a group of citizens in the northern Baltimore/Carroll County area to network with one another, and work together to grow awareness of the House’s mission in the community. His impact has been immediate and profound. Under his leadership, over $60k has been raised in the past 4 years for the children of RMH. This kind of support allows us to serve thousands of families each year. Jim provides leadership, organization, encouragement, motivation, and energy to make this happen.


They say the true test of character is what a man does when no one is watching. This is a man of great character. I have witnessed Jim’s dedication and follow through in every commitment he makes — most of that is done in service to others. Beyond the nuts & bolts decision making of elected office, he is just a quality human being. He understands that encouraging and motivating others to succeed has a snowball effect on the entire community. It’s never about him. He is well respected and well loved by RMH and all who know him — that respect is well deserved and well earned. I believe he will continue to be a good steward of the voices of the citizens, and his demonstrated leadership and passion to make a difference would serve the Town of Hampstead well.

Sandy Pagnotti



Time to end tyranny of Trump, Electoral College

In 1776, our founding fathers issued the Declaration of Independence freeing us from a tyrant, King George III. We fought a war of independence that eventually led to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We now have another tyrant working overtime to destroy our constitutional rights and democratic institutions. Trump seeks the power of dictators and monarchs. He has an attorney general that does his bidding rather than represent the interests of the American people.

The Mueller report indicates that Trump and his family had connections with the Russians that helped him win the 2016 election through the Electoral College. He lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes so we now have minority rule. Trump has done nothing to address the Russian interference problem for 2020. Is he hoping for some additional Russian help in 2020? Maybe Kim Jung-un ... can help him out in 2020.

The Electoral College gave us three Republican presidents. First, Rutherford B. Hayes who ended Reconstruction in the South in 1877, giving us Jim Crow policies of discrimination, racism and terrorism for the next 100-plus years. Second, George W. Bush, who gave us the phony Iraq War that increased the national debt by trillions of dollars and killed and wounded tens of thousands of Americans soldiers. Bush also gave us the 2008 financial crisis that destroyed the economy and the lives of millions of American families. Third, Donald Trump whose primary purpose in office seems to be to destroy our constitutional rights and protections and democratic institutions. He has failed his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Isn't it time to get rid of the anti-democratic Electoral College that represents rule by the minority, not the majority? It makes the idea of “one person, one vote” and our democratic system a farce.

It's time to rid ourselves of wannabe dictators and tyrants like Trump by having Congress pass legislation that carefully screens presidential candidates. We should require release of 10 years of tax returns and other financial records from candidates It's what we call transparency. We should also require presidential candidates to undergo thorough, independent physical, mental and emotional examinations to ensure their fitness for office. It's time to reclaim a “new birth of freedom” where the majority, not the minority, rule and the voice of the American people can once again be heard.

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David J. Iacono


Endorsing Tomlin for mayor of Hampstead

In the past few years I've had the pleasure of getting to know Zach Tomlin. He is an entrepreneur, loving father, and an extremely principled individual.


There is no doubt in my mind that Hampstead would be a better place with Zach as its mayor. Zach consistently demonstrates the qualities Hampstead needs in its leaders — good judgment, fairness, diligence, and the determination to bring about positive change, while never compromising the qualities that make Hampstead a great place to live and work.

Now is not the time for staid leadership. Hampstead should evolve to meet the challenges all small towns face in our changing economy and society. Out with the old, in with the new.

David Ellin